Author Topic: Anonymous posting procedures ("Dear Abby" posts)  (Read 6972 times)

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Anonymous posting procedures ("Dear Abby" posts)
« on: Jan 15, 2008, 09:07 pm »
Kudos to member Debo123 for introducing us to this idea during one of the weekly chats.

Sometimes stage managers have issues requiring assistance from the community, but due to the personal or confidential nature of the matters at hand they cannot post them publicly on an open forum in a manner attached to their own screen name.

There are also stories from our respective careers that would likely be quite informative and useful for those of us coming up, but embarrassing or potentially damaging to us to share.

If you have a story or question of this nature that you'd like to share with us without revealing your screen name, we are introducing a "Dear Abby" style of posting.  You may submit your post via PM to the moderator of the appropriate forum or to me and we will anonymize it and post it for you on your behalf. 

PM policies for the board still apply - you cannot send PMs unless you have made at least one public post. 

Please do not overwhelm the moderators with requests for Dear Abby posts. Anonymous posting should only be used to start a thread, not to mask a potentially offensive reply.  Also, please be aware that for the sake of liability, moderators will NOT make anonymous postings that include the names of industry members or producing groups.  Attempts to "blow the whistle" on industry offenders by name via Dear Abby posts will be refused.