Author Topic: Topics that do not belong on SMNetwork  (Read 13046 times)

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Topics that do not belong on SMNetwork
« on: Jan 06, 2010, 05:58 pm »
Internet forums are no longer a new medium.  As online society has evolved, it has become apparent that certain topics inevitably create conflict and rarely achieve any notable progress.  While occasional discussions among friends about controversial subjects can be acceptable, they have no place on a career-oriented discussion board.  In order to keep the conversation productive and (hopefully) flame free, we respectfully request that no new discussions or posts be opened on the following subjects:

  • Operating Systems (PC vs Mac, etc.)
  • Gun control
  • Abortion
  • Religious preference
  • Political preference if not directly related to the arts

We understand that theatre will often force us to deal with such subjects as the themes of various scripts and projects.  They may certainly be mentioned in passing if it is directly related to a gig.  However, partisanship and politicking have no place here, so please use your discretion when posting.