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This week I'm leaving the full-time job and going back to the freelance life I led back in 19-- while doing some traveling with the fiance's job on the weeks I don't have my son. Just finished three months of rehearsals and performances for Charlotte Squawks so I'm just now able to focus on getting the next gigs. After years of working I realized that, for me, several different types of work is better than one full-time job (reading "One Person/Multiple Careers" was helpful).
Not at the excited stage yet, but I'm hopeful  ;).

What's great about the business is we can constantly reinvent ourselves . . . and when doors close, windows open . . .

Michelle R. Wood:
Congrats on joining us in the freelance trenches: it's an exciting, wild ride. My very best wishes on your next gig, and your next, and your next. :)

Congrats! I recently did the same thing, going back to freelancing in October. Scary trying to get it all to work, but my heart is ultimately so much happier.


Congrats! Always fun to try something new.


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