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Theatres That Have Opened - Easing the Emergency

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Our thread about closed theatres has been a constant fixture over in The Hardline since 2009. It's struck me that by focusing on failing companies, we're ignoring the chance to celebrate the folks who are doing the hard work of starting new theatre companies. So here's your chance to help us be a little more uplifting here on SMNetwork. Have you worked on, heard about or attended a fledgling company's inaugural production? How about companies that have recently started offering AEA contracts? Companies that have finally started paying their staff after years of volunteer work? Let us know about them here so we can support these community members who are helping to keep the industry alive!

To start, I did a quick search of companies in my city that have mounted their first productions over the past 24 months. This is not an exhaustive list, but it's a start.

Adapt Theatre, Chicago IL. First production 2013.
Cole Theatre, Chicago IL. First production coming in 2014. AEA!
Definition Theatre Company, Chicago IL. First production 2012.
First Floor Theater, Chicago IL. First production 2012.
Haven Theatre, Chicago IL. First production 2013.
Innate Theatre Company, Chicago IL. first Production 2013.
Second Thought Theatre Company, Chicago IL. First production 2014.
TangleKnot Theatre, Chicago IL. First production 2013.
Wayward Productions, Chicago IL. First production 2013.

Thanks for posting this.  I tried starting a similar topic a few years back but it didn't garner much interest - hopefully this sticky will help the community look towards some of the positive things that are happening.

Arís Theatre in Atlanta, GA. Opened June 2013.


Appalachian Women's Theatre Troupe, Boone NC, First production 2013
Bit of a Stretch, Houston TX. First Production 2014
Burbank Community Theater, Burbank CA, First Production 2013
The Cake Shop Theater Company, NYC, First Production 2014, AEA
Finger Lakes Opera, Geneseo NY, First Production 2014
Ghost Light Theatre Company, Minneapolis MN, First Production 2013
Goshakes Theatre, Goshen IN, First Production 2013
Happy Few Theatre Co, NYC, First Production 2014
North Haven Repertory Theater, North Haven CT, First production 2014

Also note, I've added "companies who've started paying their staff" to the list of groups that can/should be mentioned here.

Odyessey Opera - Boston MA, artistic leadership and several key positions filled by folks from Opera Boston which closed unexpectedly in 2011.  First production was 2013.


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