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Theatres That Have Opened - Easing the Emergency

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Cracked Cup Theatre Co, London, England 2014
The Spirit of Maud Theatre Co, Norval, Ont, Canada 2014

YAY !!!

Suspension of Disbelief, Drumheller, Alberta, 2013
The Ridiculous Project, Boston, MA, 2014
Songbird & Raven, Seattle, WA, 2014
The Dolphin's Back, London, England, 2014
One Fell Swoop, London, England, 2014
QuirkHouse TC, Bury St. Edmunds, Eng, 2014
Wolf Pack TC, Bowie MD, 2014
New Model, Plymouth, Eng, 2014
Drake's Drummers, Plymouth, Eng, 2014
5th Wall, Richmond, VA, 2014
Irish Youth Opera, Carlingford, Ireland, 2014
Byronic Women, NYC, 2014
Hypokrit TC, NYC, 2014
Ignite TC, Gloucester, Eng, 2014
Simply Theatre, Calgary, Alberta, 2014

The Seminole Theatre in Homestead, FL (just South of Miami) has kicked off renovations to open for the first time since being severely damaged by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. 

EDIT: Removed reference about my company completing this work; unfortunately we could not agree on contractual language.  Regardless, this is an exciting project for the City of Homestead.

Detroit Public Theatre, 2015 (Collaboration and new merging of Magenta Giraffe and Shakespeare In Prison)


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