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Got my shows for next season!


Super excited/nervous for what I have coming my way in the 2017-2018 season. In the fall I will ASM on the Little Mermaid, and SM on Welcome Home Jenny Sutter. I have ASM'd a Musical before (In The Heights) so I'm not worried about it too much, just that we wont be doing it in our normal performance space (it's getting a remodel.) Jenny Sutter will be the first show I am SMing for, not really worried about it either. I have until spring to prep, and it's a small cast.
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Michelle R. Wood:
Congratulations! It's always nice to know that you have gigs lined up in this business, especially when it gives you time to prep. Where are you performing the Little Mermaid?

Yeah, it's really nice to have all this prep time. I also already have both of my scripts! These shows are both being done by Santa Rosa Junior College in California.


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