Author Topic: 'The Christmas Doll' in Dramatics Magazine  (Read 1595 times)

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'The Christmas Doll' in Dramatics Magazine
« on: Oct 25, 2011, 05:06 pm »

This was an original musical work based on the book, performed originally at Children's Theatre of Charlotte in NC. They have quite a bit of information available, include a video synopsis and the original music.

From the Dramatics Magazine website: "A note from the editors: The Christmas Doll, Joan Cushing’s musical adaptation of the novel by Elvira Woodruff, is the first full-blown musical we’ve ever published in Dramatics—a breakthrough made possible by the multimedia capabilities of our new website. Here you can listen to Cushing’s delightful score, performed by the show’s original company and recorded at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte in 2007. Here too are firsthand reflections from members of that premiere company, including CTC artistic director Alan Poindexter and actors Mark Sutton (who played both Mr. and Mrs. Nuggins) and Emily Calder (Glory), as well as Woodruff’s own descriptions of characters and settings from the story. Many of those scenes come to life in the narrated slide show, also from 2007, featuring Todd Sumlin’s fine photographs of the Charlotte production."