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Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: Is college necessary?
« on: Oct 23, 2018, 05:38 am »

I'm not really in the position to say much about an SM but I do agree that going to college is a good choice.
A college is a place where you learn a lot about time management, organization, socializing, and many other skills in general. I didn't know much about theater at all before I came to college as a Studio Art student with an Art History minor with no idea what would available to me in my future. But I happened to get a job in the theater department which led me to get a Theatre minor! My focus is in the building and artsy area of theatre but my degree requires me to take Acting I, Theater Crafts (lighting, painting, sound, etc), an internship for a professional theatre connected to my college, and Stage Managment class which I am in right now. All these various classes gave me insight on all the different departments of theatre and now I feel like my connection with them improved since I now know the basics, and a bit more, on what is going on in each area. Plus, the classes I took for my art history minor (which I dropped for theatre) also helps with understanding styles the designers are thinking about (Baroque, Renaissance, etc). All these skills are essential for a Stage Manager and will improve your skills as you continue your journey as an SM!
I go to a liberal college which also requires me to take classes outside of my major, such as math, science, religion, etc. So think about what kind of college you want to go to as well!
Another benefit to college is if you have any struggles or questions professors would be there to answer them and also provide connections for your future career. Colleges also in general also have a Career Development service for students to write resumes, take professional headshots, do mock interviews, and help you plan your future, all for free. But yeah, the college has opened many doors for me, a student who started out having no idea what to do with her Arts degree.

I think someone mentioned this before but two years of community college is a good idea to save money.

Best of luck from a super-senior-in-college-who-became-a-theater-student-in-her-second-semester-of-her-junior-year-of-college :)

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