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I am currently stage managing a straight play at a local community theatre. My lighting designer tends to complain about his work and situation a lot, so please keep this in mind. We have about 2 weeks until tech, and he has been occupied with another show, so he has not had time to come to rehearsals. The way our schedule was created, we would not have a full run through until a week before tech. I recently sent out a report, asking when he was planning on meeting with the director, and coming to rehearsals, and he sends me the following reply:

"I haven't had a chance to call (the director) yet.  I will in the next few days. The way the schedule is laid out, there is no way I will be able to see the entire show, until full dress rehearsals during tech week, and I am not happy. It seems like it is asking an awful lot of the actors to not put it all together until the very end. Tech week is for the integration of the technical elements into the show, and not trying to remember blocking you learned three or five weeks ago and haven't revisited since."

How do I respond in a professional tone, considering 1) the schedule was not my making 2) we can't change the schedule at this point and 3) He does tend to complain a lot, and I have heard no complaints regarding the schedule from my cast ?

I don't want to put him on the defensive, but I also want him to realize that it is his responsibility to be flexible and work under restricted time constraints based on our place in the process.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you.

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Introductions / Howdy, Hi, Hello!
« on: Jan 30, 2013, 10:59 pm »
Hello everyone! My name is Aiden, and I am a Denver-based Stage Manager. I will be pursuing a BFA Stage Management in the fall of 2013. I work on community and regional productions, and have experience in musicals, straight plays, dance concerts, and festivals. I'm tickled pink to be here!

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