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Employment / Re: Career Oops'es
« on: Feb 20, 2015, 03:16 pm »
Got the list of dancers we were offering contracts to, from the Artistic Director, sent them all their offers. Sent the rest of those who auditioned the, "sorry we do not have a contract to offer you" email. The AD however did not inform me that he was still in talks with 2 or 3 of those people that I sent the "sorry" email to... we even ended up hiring one of them in the end, and trust me he reminds me all the time, "Hey do you remember that time you told me I didn't have a job..." Oops!

Stage Management: Other / Re: Shipping a Marley Floor
« on: Jul 22, 2014, 05:19 pm »
The tip about the longer cores is great! I hadn't thought about it but it does make such a difference for those ends, Thanks!

We actually own one of the only Marleys (only mobile) that is available to rent in Little Rock(unless you want to rent from a TX or TN company), hence the need for a new(er) floor for our company and the community. This great deal came on the table and I jumped at the price and condition of the marley, just have to get it here.

Stage Management: Other / Re: Shipping a Marley Floor
« on: Jul 21, 2014, 03:27 pm »
Thanks so much for the advice!

The marley is a couple years old and coming out of a university dance program studio. I obviously need to get with the facility director their about the weight and dimensions of each roll. I have generic info about the marley, but not the weight or circumference of each to determine the total load size/weight.

Unfortunately, I doubt that the university will have the marley in any kind of "packaged" form such as a road case, the most I'm seeing would be plastic wrap or a shipping blanket. It's definitely not a full truck load, there are only 7, 63" wide X 60' long, rolls of marley.... I'll start with the facilities director to see if I can commission him to supply some form of protective barrier for when its shipped, but I might have to find a company who can do a "full service" job (Pick-up, package, ship). Its being shipped from Salt Lake City, UT to Little Rock, AR so I'll need to research lines that travel that route...

Sound like I'm on the right track or am I making this too complicated?

Thank you!


Stage Management: Other / Shipping a Marley Floor
« on: Jul 17, 2014, 03:38 pm »
Does anyone have any experience in shipping rolls of Marley dance floor? I've always been the one to haul it around, but have never been faced with having to have it shipped.

Any companies to suggest or stay away from?


Stage Management: Other / Re: Renting a Nutcracker set
« on: Feb 21, 2014, 05:35 pm »
I'm in Arkansas.

We're looking for a complete set to keep things simple.

However, our budget can let us construct hard pieces if we just rent all the drops we need, the issue is finding a "Land of the Sweets" drop that doesn't look like it has been copied from the board game candy land.

I've attached some images of the direction I would rather head in the style of the Act II drop. These examples are more detailed than the drops that I've been seeing available for rent at the drop company websites and they also have more specific themes than just candy and ice cream but they still give the sense of scale you look for in the fantasy world of Act II.

Here's what we would need for the entire set with Drops no less that 20' tall X 36' wide.

Act I Drops: winter house exterior(scrim preferably), interior parlor/ballroom drop(possibly with legs/borders), growing x-mas tree, & snow scene/kingdom drop(possibly with legs/borders).
Act I Hard Pieces: Couch or Chaise, Magic toy box and Sleigh

Act II Drops: Land of the Sweets drop (possibly with legs/borders)
Act II Hard Pieces: Clara's Throne


Stage Management: Other / Renting a Nutcracker set
« on: Feb 21, 2014, 12:59 pm »
My company got a new AD who hates our current Nutcracker set. The company (whom I have been with for just over a year now) has been renting this set for as long as anyone can remember, and it has basically be grandfathered-in tha we rent and use it every year. Well that's about to change because the AD hates it, not to mention the years of abuse it has taken along with being a rental set for longer than anyone can remember has taken its toll on the condition of the pieces.

The board declined the request to have a new one designed and built, so we're sticking to the same budget but looking for a different rental set that the AD likes that we can rent in place of the one he doesn't like.

I've been to kenmark, grosh, backdrops beautiful and every other drop rental site I could find, but in general, while the AD likes many of the Act I drops, but he does not like any of the Act II drops.

I've been calling around to ballet companies in the region and just outside of it, that do not have Nutcracker run dates that coincide with ours, to see what renting their sets will cost, if they're available and if they will rent them. So far, I'm S.O.L. The companies are either expanding their runs and the dates conflict, don't rent their sets, don't own their sets either, or their sets are primarily hard sets and would eat my budget in shipping alone.

Does anyone have any leads on companies I could call (Ballet or Set Rental) to try to find a Nutcracker set to rent for this Dec. 2014 (specific dates are Dec. 6th to deliver and Dec. 15th to ship back). Or any advice on how to refine my searches to make my pursuit more productive?

Thanks in advance!

I'm located in Arkansas, but I am not opposed to traveling. For me, it is more important that I shadow at a well established dance company that has a tested and refined format to transitioning from rehearsal to stage and then from stage to tour, that I can observe and learn from. Sorry if this is still really vague, I guess if I was forced to say where I would like to shadow, it would be in the Midwest, but I do not want to limit my options by saying that either.

Thanks so much for responding!

I'm looking for someone who is or could refer me to; the stage manager of a professional ballet or dance company that I could shadow for a week or two. My background is in stage managing theatre but my current and hopefully long term position is the stage manager/production manager/company manager of a small professional ballet company. I would love to have the opportunity to see how a seasoned professional dance stage manager and their medium to large sized professional dance or ballet company transitions from the studio to the stage as well as see what type of paperwork I'm missing from my templates or that I'm using that is not necessary for dance management. I'm trying to plan this shadowing for October or for sometime in the 2014-15 season. Because I've only been in the professional realm for a year I am not sure about the proper protocol for approaching other companies about this possibility. I'm not sure how normal or out of the box this type of request is, so any input on the topic is greatly appreciated.


Stage Management: Other / Re: Stage Managing for Dance
« on: Jan 31, 2013, 04:19 pm »
I know that this post is ages old, but I always look for my topics in question in the archives before I go asking the same question on the new board. So with that being said, here goes...

I absolutely love your sense of humor about the whole situation. So accurate and insightful! Seeing that you've obviously been there, done that, I thought you might have some tricks of the trade to share with me about my current predicament. I am the production manager/ company manager/ stage manager for a small, non-profit professional dance company. We have a youth company which completes the corps we need for the ballets we perform and our local Symphony has a youth symphony program, so we would like to collaborate to host a youth performing arts event at a local Masonic lodge which has a beautiful proscenium stage, the problem is, their beautiful stage is carpeted. Another issue is that there is no orchestra pit but there is a 20'X 40 open area between the audience seating and the proscenium which the youth symphony can set up in and play. However, there is hardly any rake to the audience seating and no rake to the stage so the first ~10 rows of floor seating would have their sightlines for the ballet obstructed by instruments or musicians.

Any suggestions of ways to install a raised dance sub floor surface which could raise the dancers about 6" above the existing stage floor so that the sight lines would be cleared up and then we could just lay our marley on top? We have an interlocking dance floor that has not been pulled out of storage for years, but its only about 2" or 3" thick and I dont know if it will fit in the freight elevator that we will be using for the show, is 76X7x76, so thats another limiting factor because the sections of the floor are 8X4.

Anyways, thats my current conundrum, all thoughts are welcome!
Thanks in advance.

Uploaded Forms / Re: Run Sheets
« on: Jan 22, 2013, 11:52 am »
Ok, I'm feeling really ignorant right now. What are the parameters to making a run sheet? I don't necessarily see any cues, but I do see a lot of actor action tracking and actor cue tracking. Is a run sheet a way of tracking set changes, prop movements, exits/entrances and actor cues? Sorry, to have to ask, those example sheets are just very impressive and I have never seen one before. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing! These were very helpful responses. Much appreciated!

I'm new to the site and haven't been able to find a discussion that can help me with this question. If there is an existing similar topic that I've missed, please copy the link for me and I thank you ahead of time. Otherwise, here goes my question...

I was recently hired on as the production/company/stage manager for an up and coming professional dance company, after PSMing their Nutcracker production in December. We have a few tour dates coming up in the next couple of months and we will be traveling with some lighting equipment and the Ballet Company's Marley dance floor. Obviously, the venues we will be performing at will have different stage dimensions and most of them do not have their own Marley in house. My question is; when left with no other option (the dancers must perform on Marley), what are some tricks of the trade to fit a Marley dance floor to a stage that has completely different dimensions. I'm still waiting on the venue TDs to get back with me about their exact stage dimensions, but I know for the most part our Marley will be too long and we might run into the situation where we will have too much width US and have to leave a roll out and loose valuable dancing space. In these instances, what is the safest route to take to try to keep things running smoothly without endangering the well being of the dancers? Ive seen people roll the edges of the dance floor up and tape them down, but this seems like it would be horrible for the Marley and very unsafe for the dancers. All input is appreciated, Thanks!

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