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Self-Promotion / The Comedy of Errors
« on: Sep 13, 2011, 03:19 am »
I'm currently serving as the production stage manager for The Comedy of Errors at my college. This is my first time performing the job of stage manager in its entirety. My first time stage managing was for The Gondoliers, and that job was, as the director put it, "someone to call cues and help with rehearsals". It was probably about a half of the job. The prop details, costume details and all of the production stuff was carried out with me being minimally involved (but I remedied that as much as I could by establishing some communication). My second time was more of a hybrid of SM/ASM for a touring, folk festival. The job was defined as "someone to keep things running smoothly backstage".... I got to practice thinking on my feet and improvising with that job. So far, things are going pretty well. The managing of people is one of my biggest challenges at this point as well as multitasking during the rehearsal (being on book, scheduling fittings and writting out line notes for half the cast while my ASM gets the other half of the cast). We're two weeks from Tech, and I'm looking forward to my first "tech table" experience!

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