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Community theatre, cast drawn from the borderline professionals in the area for a fairly risqué production (a lot of simulated drug use on stage).

Rumor (and only rumor) is that members of the cast have, in the past, used and/or sold drugs during productions, in the theater.  I may be coming into this as the production SM, somewhere around 3 weeks prior to opening for a 6 week run.  All the actors do sign a contract stating a fairly standard no illicit substances, which has been inconsistently enforced at this venue in the past.

My inclination is (coming in part way through the process) - talking to the director so he is clear the policy is not at the theatre, and sober when they get there.  Trying to find a way to give the same to the cast without being too obvious.  Giving it in the pre-tech speech (which I always do so everyone knows what the plan is) makes some sense, but is that too late (I will have been there for at least a week by that point).  

Given it is community theater, and there are no understudies, and this may be a thing that has happened and been acceptable in the past, any suggestions if the director/producers seem unwilling to enforce (to include dismissing actors?).  Walking away is an option, but not the most constructive one.

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Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / PROPS: cookies
« on: Dec 23, 2008, 01:19 am »
So...I will start with the direct question:  I need a cookie recipe, to be eaten onstage.  No known allergy issues, but the cast will be talking (and singing) shortly after eating said cookies.  I was leaning toward a simple sugar cookie-any ideas or comments?  

Tools of the Trade / foggers gassing actors.
« on: Nov 19, 2008, 02:24 pm »
Community theatre, 2 small foggers (think haunted house style), in use for 4 weeks of a run with no issues, then Sunday Matinee it suddenly seems to be killing the actor's throats (one major coughing fit-to the point of unable to clear even with water and having to leave the stage, interrupting the show, plus several smaller coughing issues).

There had been an unusual amount of illness around previously, but it seemed to have cleared by last weekend.  The actress in question isn't exactly the most conscientious of taking care of her voice (HS students are fun), but had been solid since she recovered from our mystery cold.

So, the question is-any idea if the fogger's could be at fault.  Same fog juice that has gone into them last several weeks, no changes in use, amount, etc.  If so, any ideas?  Drain and replace fluid is already in the plan, but haven't extensively played with foggers before other than the Dry Ice version.

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