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is there a compromise - as in, is there an indoor locked office for your company nearby, or someplace other (and better built/protected) than this shed where you might store it? I would be concerned abt exposure to heat. cold, insects etc as all of those affect the guns' ability to fire.

I do the same thing - put parenthesis around blocking that hasn't been repeated and draw a line through if it doesn't happen the third time. Then I wait a day or so, and generally don't erase it until it looks for sure that they are going in a different direction (Murphy's Law tends to rear its ugly head a lot if I erase too early).

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Copying scripts
« on: Aug 09, 2004, 04:09 pm »
that's actually the old way to do scripts, before xeroxing was so prevalent - the SM copy was broken up and pasted in the center of a piece of paper -

either I got two copies and pasted on on a page, period


I had to cut that center hole out and tape the page in the middle, so I had the surrounding area for notes and blocking.

It was a pain in the patoot - but we had no choice -

after all, you need a place to write all those things on the page - in fact, I think that's where I started carrying two scripts - one was the lblocking/ prompt/notes script and the other the one I called from -

these producers are either paranoid for all the wrong reasons or being too cautious for their own good. Cuz either way, you can't work in the rent-and-return script - between all the things you need to write in and what will be far too much erasing afterward, which causes as much destruction to the paper, there is no way that script you in the present or will be useful to anyone else when you're done.

debo123 - I do have some colored pencils that erase easily but I will have to check the brand name and see if they are still being made - I have had good luck w kids products, tho - since parents usually want things they can eliminate cleanly and easily - for ex.,  that's why I use sidewalk chalk to spike sets where we have to fully strike after each nite's rehearsal - it's fast, easy and comes up w a damp rag -

I think they may be crayola, but I will check - off-brands seem to work quite well much of the time too.

OH YEAH - and a good art eraser (no offense, Art) - they can handle a myriad of bad colored pencil lines.

colored pencils!

also, I "x" through blocking that seems to have disappeared but hasn't been officially erased.

one more thing - don't know where you are, but everywhere I've worked, the producers or I always make it a point to notify the local police/sherriff/marshall's office to let them know 1) that shots will be fired, 2) how many and 3) at approximately what time.  It saves major hassle on both sides. And they appreciate it as well because  in smaller houses the neighbors hear it and start calling in concern to their local police dept.

YES! in fact, when replacing a lead it is always appropriate to have a full-on run through with everything. Safety and sanity for the whole company (and for your poor SM who needs to rehearse a complex show once without an audience).

(sorry, duplicate post - and can't seem to delete)

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