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College and Graduate Studies / Did/Do you attend Rutgers?
« on: Oct 09, 2007, 07:21 pm »
Hello All--

I'm planning on applying for Rutger's MFA program in Stage Management for next fall and was just wondering if anyone has or is currently attending the program and could offer some advice, or insider info about the program/campus/college as a whole. Everything seems great online and on paper, but just wondering what students actually thought.

My reasons for choosing to apply there is that I've heard great things in the past, and their proximity to NYC is fantastic. I'll also be applying to NYU, but would almost prefer to be outside of manhattan. Any information is much appreciated!

The Hardline / Being offered my card, good idea?
« on: Aug 10, 2007, 08:14 pm »
Hello All--

I just posted yesterday that I may be offered a job on a LOA-NYC contract, and I believe that they may offer it to me, and it would mean that I would get my card, just wanted to run details by you all to see if you thought it was worth it, and if I know what I'm getting into.

So if I submit my application for this job, I owe AEA $1100 within 2 years of filing, and $400 of that within 6 months of filing. On top of that they'll take $118/yr and 2.25% per paycheck. Correct?

I'm possibly getting paid as much as $300/wk for a contract of 11 weeks, and financially I can swing it, although it would be nicer if they paid for transportation but alas I'm not far enough away (20miles).

Does it seem worth it? Oh and the other wrench in the works is that I'm still in school (undergrad) and while I can work my classes around the schedule, but would I be ineligible to work on shows at school, or only as a stage manager?

So eager to want this versus a mallrat job, but wanted to pick the brains of everyone and see if I'm not seeing some big hole...


The Hardline / LOA and LORT?
« on: Aug 09, 2007, 10:19 pm »
Hello All--

I apologize in advance if any of this is common knowledge, I'm just plain unsure of the language and it's a little late tonight to call Equity ;)

So I have applied for an ASM position at INTAR here in the city and have very minimal info on it as of yet, only that rehearsals begin August 14th, Closing is Sunday October 20th, and that they are working under an LOA contract.

From what I've gleamed from other posts here, an LOA contract is usually branched off a LORT, correct? I was unable to dig up any info on INTAR and their contracts, so I'm unsure as to what the pay scale may be. Odds are that it's better than I have been doing (200/wk, yay showcases!) but was just wondering about a ballpark figure, or if anyone had experience working with their LOA specifically.

Any help is appreciated, and odds are I'll have my questions answered tomorrow when I hear back from the PSM, but I'm antsy ;)


Employment / Is NY Fringe Work worth it?
« on: Jul 13, 2007, 12:21 am »
Hey All--

Starting to see lots of Fringe SM hiring, as it is the season here in NY. I'll just be coming off my first two AEA Showcases in August, and am wondering what the usual pay for a Fringe show is. I live on long island and weekly transportation runs about $50 so anything under $200 a week is a no-go. I know I need to pay my dues to get the experience, but I gotta pay rent too!

Any thoughts?

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