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Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: Warm-up/ Games
« on: Feb 25, 2007, 06:15 pm »
I personally like doing warm ups when I have time. It puts me in a great mood and makes sure I'm completely awake. BUT I won't join in if it feels in the least bit uncomfortable for me or the cast, so I have to pick my moments. And where I'm at most directors don't require warm ups so if the cast members decide to do warm ups it's on their own time. I do always speak with the director about this before I make the technical/performance schedules to see if they want me to put that in the schedule.

On this same note, does anyone know the words to the "pheasant plucker" tongue twister? I know the first line, but I can't for the life of me remember the last one.

Tools of the Trade / Re: latest toys...
« on: Feb 16, 2007, 02:46 pm »
I had a stressful day yesterday and went to the office supply store for some therapy. I found these things by "Duck" called Grip-Its. They are little circles that grab your pencils/pens and hold them. They have sticky backs but I'm not sure yet if you can take them off and re-stick them somewhere else. I plan to put one somewhere on my kit box and maybe one on a legal pad depending on the re-stick situation. These definitely helped with my stress. :)

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: Line Notes?
« on: Jan 09, 2007, 02:16 pm »
In my understanding, line notes are given to actors when they say a line that is in any way different from what is in the script or what has been changed by the director. I usually give line notes on note cards for each actor with something like p 35- "insert screwy line here..." so they know that there was something wrong with that line that day, and I also try to remind them every day to actually read the cards and look at their scripts. Some line notes are elaborate with "skipped line, missed word, jumped ahead" and boxes to check and places to write in the line, but I think that this is a little too time consuming. Some people just use a piece of paper and go in order without separating the actors. It's just a preference. I hope this helped :)

College and Graduate Studies / Re: Texas Schools
« on: Dec 20, 2006, 03:53 am »
Hey there! I'm at Texas Tech University right now and we also have a great design program. Students get a lot of hands on experience in the design program and have ample opportunities to design for fully produced shows, including professional shows that travel to Angelfire New Mexico. Our website is and the person you should contact is Fred Christoffel, he's the chair of the department and also a senic designer. Let me know if you have any questions or if you ever make it out this way.


Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: script analysis
« on: Jul 15, 2006, 02:26 pm »
Thanks everyone for your help. I'm actually using things I learned in that class for a Spanish class I'm taking now. The class went well, and though I'm not too happy, I got a B, and quite a few people from my class have to take it again, so I feel lucky. And I really did learn alot!

Thank you guys for the advice. I do wish I could take my laptop out there, but the battery doesn't hold a charge once I unplug it which is a whole other problem in itself. We have about a month left before we open and I feel like we are running out of time. We are working with some really inexperienced actors, but they are trying their hardest. I did hear a story that a year or two ago during the run of a show a duck started following the cast around on stage and doing entrances/exits with the cast and after the final strike tried to follow the director and some cast members to their cars, quacking the entire time :)   I'll take my camera just in case....

I'm going to be working on Much Ado About Nothing this summer for Shakespeare in the Park. Besides the obvious bug spray/ umbrella for sun/ cardstock for prompt book (I live in windy west  Texas) does anyone have any ideas about surviving the scorching summer Shakespare in the Park? Or about the show in general?



SMNetwork Archives / Re: hello from your moderator!
« on: Jun 17, 2006, 11:16 pm »
I know this doesn't have much to do with introducing our GREAT new moderator, but I am also a Spanish major. I'm going to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas and last summer I had the opportunity to study in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I would HIGHLY reccommend this city to anyone wanting to study abroad. I went with a program from my school and had the time of my life. I have been to Spain also, and loved it there too. Maybe all of us Spanish/Theatre nuts should hang out some time :)


ps. TechGal you said you want to study Spanish in college and I'm guessing you haven't started yet, but if you want any help/proofreading for anything for Spanish PM me and I'll give you my e-mail address. I'd be more than happy to help. :)

How much time do you typically spend actually preparing for rehearsals and production meetings and stuff before it all happens. I'm doing a show in the fall and we won't start rehearsals until like september. I already have the script and what I'm wondering is am I right in thinking that I should start laying things out and start on my prompt book and getting paperwork ready for the actors and stuff? This is a college black box production and also my first show to SM from start to finish by myself. Any suggestions would be terrific. Thank you!!!


Students and Novice Stage Managers / Artistry: script analysis
« on: Jun 01, 2006, 10:58 pm »
Hey guys! I'm taking a Script Analysis class at school because it is required for my theatre minor. I was just wondering if any of you actually use the techniques we will be learning. Aka breaking down the script (other than scene breakdowns) into structures and stuff like that. (sorry I'm beng so vague, I really have no idea what I'm doing in the class and am pretty lost right now, but it's only day 2)  Any input or real life advice would be great. Thank you!!!


I really have no idea what the theatre community is like in Mexico. Where I studied last summer (San Luis Potosi, the city) there was a huge old theatre, but I was under the impression that it was just for touring shows. I saw the Carmina Burana when I was in Mexico, so I think there is an opera scene (opera scene?) there also. I will tell you that I've been to Madrid and Barcelona (and a few other cities in Spain) and they were my favorite cities. I didn't want to come home :)

I wouldn't even know where to start to look into working in Spain or Mexico, which is maybe why I haven't looked at those places yet.

This is a little off topic but I also am a Spanish major (with Theatre minor) and have ONE class left before my Spanish degree is finished. I have thought about working in another country in theatre, but I'm personally more partial to Mexico. What parts of Spain are you guys going to?

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / yes!
« on: May 13, 2006, 07:15 pm »
I would love to see it also. As a new stage manager I'm always interested in new paperwork, etc to help me be organized and keep track of everything. Let me know and I'll PM you my e-mail address.

I'm SMing for an independent show for some friends of mine. It's really only for technicals and calling the show. However, this is also during the week of finals (for college) and I have 3 huge papers due that week. (I am working on the papers ahead of time) Technicals start the day my other show closes and I will have rehearsal/paper tech when strike is finished. Here is my problem... I still don't have the script. I'm supposed to be watching rehearsals starting later this week I haven't even read the dang thing yet. I have talked to the director and producer several times this week and the director (who is an egotistical actor) promised he would e-mail it to me *tomorrow* which the second time was friday. The director and I are supposed to meet and go through the script and talk about possible cues and things like that on Monday which would have given me a few days with the script. I guess what I'm asking is what should I do? Because it is independent no one is getting paid, and I'm really doing this as a favor, so I don't feel like I have the authority to throw a fit about this. But, I am taking time out of my crazy busy schedule to help out, so I feel like I should be at least able to have a request or two. Any ideas?

Thank you guys!!!


The Green Room / The Big "Thank You Notes" Thread!
« on: Apr 12, 2006, 02:08 am »
EDIT: Since we had six different conversations going on about thank you notes in various sections of the board, I've merged them all together and placed them on the board where they actually belong - the Green Room. - PSMKay, November 2013

The first show I worked on was Six Characters in Search of an Author. This is also the only show I have worked on. I remember the director/AD doing thank you notes and I was wondering if this is also usually done by the SM as well. I ASMed that show and the cast had about 26 people not including the production team. I'm just curious about standard practices for this. Any advice/ideas/suggestions would be great. Thank you all in advance :)


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