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The Hardline / Re: "Unprofessional"
« on: Apr 08, 2007, 02:47 pm »
In my personal definition of the word "professionalism" is not whether or not you are in a union or your level of training, it is how you ACT. If you are responsible and respectful then, in my mind, you have achieved professionalism. (I know that more adjectives can go in there, but at this point in time I can't think of any others) I believe that there are a number of actions that could make a person "unprofessional"- such as yelling at cast members (losing emotional control), bringing relationships to work (or favoring people because of an outside relationship), or dodging responsibilities.

Just my two cents.

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: Smudgy Card stock
« on: Mar 23, 2007, 06:35 pm »
Out of curiosity, why cardstock?  I've never heard of using it before, and I wonder why you would choose that over regular paper?

This has been debated on here before, but I use it simply because it can withstand the amount of wear and tear that my script goes through because I only use one script for the entire rehearsal process and write my cues and blocking in it, as opposed to using a calling script and a blocking script.

Thank you for your suggestions. I just re-did my script and I guess it was on the "right" side of the cardstock because it didn't smudge. My new problem is that the paper smells REALLY weird... I think I'll just blow some incense in it's direction and hope for the best.

I use card stock for my script and I have a problem with the back of the pages get smudgy from the copied page behind it. I don't know if this has something to do with the paper itself or if it's just the toner in the copier. It erases, but that's a pain and very time consuming. And on top of that, it's a little annoying writing blocking on less than perfect paper. Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there anything I can do to prevent it? Thoughts?

Stage Management: Other / Re: Just did my first wedding...
« on: Mar 22, 2007, 01:49 am »
It's really funny that this came up. A friend of mine is a director and she's convinced that she can't work without me. Well, tonight when we were talking about her forgetting things because she doesn't have a SM for her current show, she said "I think I even need a stage manager for my wedding! I can't live without you!"

I think I may have a new job coming up :)

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: CANCELLED...?
« on: Mar 02, 2007, 11:06 pm »
I'm guessing from your post that you are still in highschool. I may have an explanation for you. Our school put Chicago on our season for next year, and then found out that the producers haven't released the amateur rights yet. Meaning, they want to tour it and keep it in the professional theatre circuit. This may be a reason that you couldn't do it, and they figured that you guys wouldn't understand.

On another note, I did a converter and figured out that 2000 pounds is a little less than $4000 USD. To me, that's not a LOT of money to do a show. You can't spend all the money on the choreographer or you won't be able to build a set, costumes, or rent lights or anything else extra you may need  for the show. It gets pretty expensive, depending on how you do things. And Chicago is not a small show.

And even though Box was a little pessimistic, I think he was on to something. You are a student and I'm sure it was very difficult for the producers/directors to make the decision to cancel it, but I'm sure they have their reasons, and they probably aren't going to back down on their decision. I hope maybe I helped a little. I, too, am anxious to see what everyone else has to say.

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: A Chorus Line
« on: Mar 02, 2007, 04:40 pm »
We talked in my lighting studio class about using automated lights as follow lights and how this is usually a "no-no" because dancers (and actors) aren't going to be in the exact same place every night, and to look right, it really needs a live follow spot. I'm glad to hear that this is a fairly easy show, technically speaking. It's the first show of our mainstage season next year :)

Tools of the Trade / Re: latest toys...
« on: Mar 02, 2007, 04:35 pm »
I am the same as birdie!! I've always had a "thing" for post-it notes and pens. And I finally figured out why.

SMNetwork Archives / Re: Printers
« on: Mar 02, 2007, 04:33 pm »
I have an HP PSC 1510 "All In One" that I love. Not only does it print (B&W, color and photos) it also scans and copies. The copier is kinda slow so I only use it occasionally when I can't get to the department's copier, but I love it. It's light, but I don't know if it's light enough to tour with. It only travels from my office to the living room (when I'm doing a lot of work, and still want to be sociable and watch TV with my roommates). It was a gift, but I know it's fairly inexpensive (less than $130). The ink is a little pricey, but lasts for quite a while. There's my 2 cents.

Employment / Non-equity contract question
« on: Mar 02, 2007, 03:57 pm »
I'm not equity and that's why this is in here instead of Hardline. I GOT A JOB!!! It's for the summer, doing musicals in an amphitheatre, and I don't know any details yet. My question is, I know some of you have people sign contracts when you get hired. Could I possibly see one or get some suggestions about what should go in it?

Thanks a ton :)


Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: ASM's Prompt Book
« on: Mar 01, 2007, 05:11 pm »
being aware of/sharing information with them is one thing but they should not be entrusted with something like that (for their own safety).  let the AEA SMs be the heavies!

I don't understand why this would be "for their own safety"....

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: ASM's Prompt Book
« on: Feb 28, 2007, 07:37 pm »
Well, I don't want to put the medical forms in her book because 1.this is college, and I don't want to let that kind of information get out and 2. there are at least 28 cast members and I'm sure someone would throw a fit. As for having her as a backstage manager, I haven't seen our space yet (we had to relocate because our mainstage caught fire earlier this semester), but I more than likely will be calling from backstage. I myself still don't have ground plans (again due to the fire, everything is out of whack and behind schedule), but I agree that she should have copies so that she can help set up the space for rehearsals.

Thank you guys for your input.


I just found out that I will be having an ASM for the show I am working on. I hear she works hard and will help me out a lot. I'm working on To Kill a Mockingbird and we start rehearsals on Tuesday. What I'm wondering is, aside from a script, contact sheets, etc. what else should I ask her to put in her prompt book? Of course I have everything I can think of in mine right now, but what do you guys usually require your ASMs to have with them at all times?

I checked out the golf pencil website, and they require you to buy at least 1,000 pencils at a time. I really hope I never plan to lose 1000 pencils in my lifetime. Though, I guess with big thieving casts it might be a good idea.

"I don't like office supplies, I think they're pretty useless and a waste of money."

"You don't really need me here tonight, do ya? I mean, we've done the show at least a hundred times already, right? You can handle it."

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: Warm-up/ Games
« on: Feb 25, 2007, 09:01 pm »
Ruth, I know that one because a few actors I've worked with were playing with it one night, and it's such a crazy tongue twister that is REALLY funny when it's screwed up that I just remembered a part of it and made a mental note to learn it one day. But now you did teach it to me :)

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