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Thanks guys for the advice. Those were some helpful points to think about.

I decided to go back to my home state (California) from Philadelphia. I don't like the education i'm getting here that much for the price I am paying. It is a good school and I met great people, but there are many reasons why going home is a better option for me. I'm glad i got this experience, but I think it's better for a theatre major especially to have as little debt as possible after college.

i would like some outside opinions on something I had been thinking about:

Backstory: I grew up in the same area my whole life, and wanted to move somewhere else after high school. When I was accepted to an out of state school, I immediately knew I wanted to attend. I knew little about the school, the program, and city but what had attracted me was that it's in Philly and close to other large cities.
The theatre department has a typical BA program with a design and production track. Although I love how many opportunities I can get, 1'm considering going back home to a state school. Should i go back home and complete my BA for a lower price?

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