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The Hardline / Re: Name change?
« on: Oct 29, 2016, 01:12 pm »
US Equity does not allow members to share names, even if they are SM/Actor. If I remember correctly, that's why our very own Matthew Shiner is billed by a different name. 

I adore running decks, so I absolutely agree. Welcome!

The Hardline / Re: Calling a show for heat
« on: Aug 17, 2016, 05:06 pm »
Also would like to state for the record that this was a theoretical me and the SM were tossing around-- not something we actually wanted/needed to do. Thanks for all the comments, all! Pretty much what I thought, though Ruth, those comments from Equity are rather interesting.

The Hardline / Calling a show for heat
« on: Aug 13, 2016, 07:44 pm »
Hi all,

Something I've been curious about this summer since working outdoors- when do you call a show because of the heat? Has anyone here done it? How? I can't seem to find a specific temperature cut-off in the rulebook I'm using, but I know in the Outdoor Drama one, it says for every hour of rehearsal when the temp is above 90 F you need to give a ten. But that's the only rule I can find that's not pretty vague. Is it a "talk to your producers/call Equity" based on your feeling type of thing?

The Green Room / Re: Health Realted Issue
« on: Jul 18, 2016, 09:33 pm »
Hypothetically, what kind of health related issue- one that might have an immediate effect performance (torn ACL) or more of a lurker (early cancer)?

The Green Room / Re: New Challanges
« on: Jun 28, 2016, 03:52 pm »
Matthew that is incredible! Congratulations.

Employment / Re: How far are you willing to travel?
« on: Jun 24, 2016, 06:14 pm »
My normal commute is an hour and a half to an hour and 45. However, I'm only driving a few minutes out of that and the rest is public transport. I don't know if I would be willing to drive for more than hour- and now that I've been doing summer stock where the distance is no more than 15-20 min between housing and the theatre, I'm kind of dreading going back to my old commute.

Employment / Re: What are the effects of resigning early?
« on: May 16, 2016, 07:00 pm »
I just wanted to ask you about the unreasonable hours. Is it just a lot of overtime that they're paying you for? Or is it time that you're not being compensated for. I know every job has some time that's not really included in the contract, but if it's really above and beyond, your contract probably has an hourly overtime rate they need to pay you. If not, that's something you need to bring up with them, and potentially alert Equity to.

My opinions, similar to those already offered:
 $300/week + housing is better than a lot of professional PA gigs I've worked.

Just adding a vigorous head nod here.

Employment / Re: The importance of on line presence
« on: Mar 14, 2016, 03:00 am »
Southernsoprano- the main question is when you search your name + stage manager, does another stage manager pop up? If so, maybe change your name around for a professional name (maybe your full name, but you could also add your middle initial, just your two first initials then last name, etc.) that's credited in programs and such so you differentiate yourself from them.

Employment / Re: How to ask about pay for a gig
« on: Feb 25, 2016, 12:52 am »
Though there it isn't stage management focused, the blog Ask A Manager has given me a lot of insight into how to be professional but straight forward about things like that, and just great employment/contract tips in general. Might give you some thoughts on how to approach it.

Employment / Re: Budgeting with Irregular Income
« on: Feb 15, 2016, 08:56 pm »
That's my dream! Right now I'm building my "oh crap" fund. I've been doing something very similar, but with a program called You Need A Budget-- it stresses having a "rainy day fund" for things like getting your car fixed, but I'm applying it more to "I don't have steady work for a month."

Introductions / Re: British DSM checking in!
« on: Feb 15, 2016, 08:54 pm »
Hello and welcome! Working at the NYC Fringe I've met a few international SMs and I'm always really thrilled to learn about different ways of going about things. I've heard British DSMs do a lot more work with props, sometimes building them. Is that true? I might have to immigrate if it is.  :)

At that point, I feel like I would call a hold on the performance, possibly asking house management is a 10 min intermission was possible and then asking them to announce (or announce it myself on the god mic, if that were possible) due to technical difficulties, and re-start from the best possible starting place (beginning of a song or movement, perhaps). I think it would depend on the policies and how strict the theater was- this sound like it possibly did not have the staff necessary?

Here's some production credits-- if no one knows Jamaica, maybe you know one of the designers or actors? Unfortunately SM is not listed!

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