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Let me tell you my situation.....

I had a note in my rehearsal report for props saying we needed a bag for a character that he carries and a purse that another character needs to put coins (props) in.  

I got a response saying that it was the costume designers job to get the purse and bag?

Was he right?  Or are the purse and bag a prop?

Thank you all SO much.  You've been helpful in my journey!!

This has definitely helped.  We will be on break for Christmas after today. They were to be told to be off book by the time we get back.  I will of course still be following along as best as I can.  I think I will speak to the music director to shoot out lines in the songs (good idea) and then let them know I will not give any lines unless they ask for line.

It's just been very frustrating.  Especially with the SWEENEY score and so many words.

Thanks so much.  Any other suggestions will definitely be appreciated=)

I am currentley in rehearsals for Sweeney Todd.  It's getting very frustrating for me because actors do not have their lines down.  I want to be the best I can be and to help them.  They are not calling "line" and just have a confused look on there face or throw a look to me and I give them the line.  That's a problem right there.  

How do you give lines for music?  For a score like sweeney if someone goes up on a line the music keeps going....Do I throw them keywords?  

There have been frustrating situations for me.  Let me explain.  A couple days ago an actor was doing the lines and didnt know them at all.  I kept giving lines.  Well, in a line he kind of stumbled and stopped talking so I gave him the line. (he did not call "line" at all, i just kept giving him line when he was fumbling)  Well, he told me he knew the line and to give him a second and then got nasty with me because I "screwed" him up.  "Well, NOW I need the line because YOU screwed me up."  

Today, the same actor.....was waiting for a music cue (which I did not realize) the other actor had a confused look on his face and so I said the line so HE knew what was happening.  Well, the actor (whose line it was) said "I KNOW, I'm waiting for a music cue"

It also very frustrating because the piano in the small rehearsal room is so loud when people are singing they cant hear me give the line.  I have tried speaking up.  

I know I am rambling on and on.  Im just frustrated because I'm feeling like Im doing something wrong.  What can I do to help make this "line" situation better?  

PLEASE help!=)

(I hope I made some sense.  sorry my grammar in this post may not be the best)

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