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thanks for the info. I guess i'm a bit in a panic mode. it's been a while since I have done anything like this, and i've never written a Industry resume.

appreciate the help tremendously!


Hi guys! I know there's a thread about cover letters for internships, like me. but i'm slightly different, and hope you guys can help me out.

There's a fellowship/internship that i'm interested in applying for. The problem I'm facing is I have HUGE tracks of land (oops - that's Monty Python). I mean huge gaps between experiences.  Explain:

I graduated with my BA in theatre in '98. didn't do ANYTHING until late 2006, with community theatre. I've been doing a lot in the CT world, and about to do a crew job at the Prof theatre that has the fellowship i'm interested in.

-Is there a way to "pad" my resume? I just can't see how. Sadly, all my recent theatre experience isn't all SM. I've done almost all positions.

-Do I put on my resume gigs I have coming up, but is a few months down the road? How does one do that?

-Do I put non-theatre experience on my resume? ("life experience"/"average job stuff, that shows leadership/orginization, etc)

I realize my chances of getting this fellowship is small, but I think I need to at least try. The worst thing they do is send a letter saying "thanks for your interest, but not now babe!"

any insights?

(sorry if this is the wrong thread. wasn't sure where to put it)

Hi everyone! I have a questions about Tax/Gas Mileage Reimbursement. (Those who might do more community theatre work might have knowledge on this)

I was told I could get reimbursed for the miles I've drove this year to work on community theatre shows. How does one go about doing this? Also, do you get reimbursed the mileage both to the theatre AND home, or just to the theatre? If your show traveled, does that count as well? The only thing I know is that for non-profit mileage, it's $.14 back, per site. I just wasn't successful at finding more info about how to file for the mileage, forms, etc.

I realize we might have to go to an accountant to figure this out, but i thought i'd start with you guys.

Hope all is having a nice holiday season!


Employment / Re: Going to NYC?
« on: Dec 05, 2007, 02:41 pm »
I know you have a lot of things to think about and some tough decisions to face. I wish you luck on that! Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are true and honest with yourself. Sounds like Theatre is your passion. Then pursue theatre. Like others suggested, get more experience, maybe go to a bigger city, but not NYC. Look at Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Fran, Dallas, Phili, Memphis etc. You can find a lot of great things in those areas that will help you prepare for a potential move to NYC. Sounds like NYC is in your heart too, but maybe you can persue that dream a couple years down the road.

Just don't compromise your dreams. I know that from experience. Theatre has always been my passion, but as I was finishing up college, I thought to myself "what now?" I wasn't told I could have a career in theatre, not being an actor. So, here I am, years after college and nothing in theatre for so long, working my way back in.

You can always do the Grad School thing and do the Theatre stuff on the side. That way, you know both sides of your career choices, as well as more experience. then go from there.

Sorry, if I wasn't very helpful (probably not!). Let us know what you decide!

sorry i didn't update yesteday. i was just exahusted.

So, last night (final dress) all mics worked. The broken mic was fixed - yea! The major cut in/out mic (#7) still cut in and out. - boo.

Tonight - opening night. during the day, head guy moved the receivers to the side of the stage, in the wings. (I sent an email last night asking for help on the situationg, including the possibilty of moving the receivers before next weekend) I REALLY thought that would have been a really huge problem to do before the open of the show. I guess it wasn't! I think I had one person cut in/out once. That was HUGE for me!! I was just so excited!

Funny thing. I get up to the tech booth and see the rack of receivers were gone. I had a small heart attack. But then i saw where they were. Heart attack over.

AND... as i typed this post, i realized the receivers are still on. Dammit. I'm not used to them being there, so I forgot to turn them off. It should be ok. oops. learning curve, right?

The moral of the story - for opening night, all technical stuff worked the way it was supposed to happen. My stress level was pretty low. Naturally, i was worried of having a good show, but i didn't have to worry about the crap i've been worrying about for over a week or 2.

Rumor has it, tonight was the theatre's largest opening night attendance! 71! (for about a 100 seat house)

thanks to everyone for your support and advice. you all really are the ones that got me through this and figured out what the problem was. you all ROCK!


If you're working for a theater with money,

THAT'S funny!!! Or really sad... It's community theatre. It very well could have been a strain on the theatre budget just to buy them. but they are also an investment, right?

when i go to the theatre tomorrow, i'll have a better idea of what's going on - i hope. honestly, the cutting in/out isn't what's bothering me. it's the broken mic. but ya know... i'm off tonight. i can't let it get to me. not tonight. :)

i'll keep ya'll informed on what happens tomorrow.

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: PSMing vs. ASMing
« on: Nov 14, 2007, 08:59 am »
These are all really interesting comments! I admit - i'm a newbie to SM (or PSM?). I've done 2 shows recently, and a few back in college. Sounds like i'll be SMing again coming up in a few months - Lion in the Winter. The nice thing is that I'll have an ASM for it, but more out of necessity. (I will also be running lights for Pirates of Penzance, which closes a week before Lion opens, so I will be away for at least tech week for Pirates, so someone needs to fill in for me to SM Lion in the Winter.)   Golly - i hope that made sense.

Anyway, it's interesting to see the dynamics of the different positions, what is required of each, etc. These are things to file away in the back of my head once Lion in Winter approaches. Fortunately, my ASM is in the show i'm doing now, and she's eager to learn, we get along well, etc. I think we will be a nice team.

i will continue to read this thread for more ideas over the next month or two!

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: MFA?
« on: Nov 14, 2007, 08:15 am »
that's a great question! Matter of fact, i sorta have the same question. I got my BA in '98, and am starting to think of a career in theatre. i've thought about going back and getting my Masters - but I'm not sure if it would be worth it or i NEED it.

I'm anxious to see the responses to the original question.

Jenn - maybe the best thing you should do is go through your second semester and see how it goes. Maybe it was something more about your prof's teaching techniques. Maybe you've been in the "real world" for a while, and having troubles adjusting back to school. (that's one of my fears)  Talk to your advisor.  either way - good luck!!

thanks for all your reading and advise. i talked to a couple audio companies in the area, and they also said RF issues. So, I tried to work with that a bit tonight. it seemed to have worked for a bit... then it cut in/out again (randomly). Honestly, i think i either troubleshooted too much, or not enough. I think I might have hit some other things too. gosh... when you are not really sure what you are doing, it's hard to dial in what is right and wrong. and it's REALLY hard to have 5 women just hang around the stage for a couple hours to troubleshoot the heck out of it. no one has that time, or energy. I know i don't.

i adjusted some of the atennas, but the original problem beltpack (#7), along with 2 or 3 more started to cut in/out. we fiddled a tiny bit with the RF stuff. i'm starting to realize that if i can't get it right... we will just have to deal. it's a small space, so as long as they are doing what they are supposed to do (like project and not rely solely on the mics) the audience should still hear them well.

unfortunately, the receivers are probably a bit too far from stage- maybe by a few feet. plus, the receivers are all compounded in a rack, so the atenna really can't be out and open to actually receive. Lots of EMF in that tiny rack. And since we open in 72 hours, it's too late to move the receivers and run wire to the board. the theatre and sound people will hopefully know what to do for next time!

the really REALLY sucky thing about tonight's rehearsal??? I lost an entire mic tonight. #8. NO sound whatsoever. we were picking up RF signal, but not AF. i changed the mic out with another person. that made #6 not audible (but then #8 was fine)  as far as i know, that mic was not touched between 11 last night and 7pm this evening. So, it's something in the actual tiny mic or the wire that leads to the beltpack. Head guy will work with it tomorrow. Hopefully, he can send it back and replace it (if needed) before next weekend's shows. We *might* be able to borrow one mic from someone for this weekend (again, if needed).

after i got all frustrated and annoyed with that situation, i just tried to let it go and just do my job. Act II was better (for me). i had to just realize, i can't fix it during the show. i have to work it after the show. we will see what happens on Thurs (final Dress).

i've gained a WHOLE NEW RESPECT for the sound guys! i don't see myself SMing and Sound oping at the same time, any time soon.

thanks for reading my rant and helping me. i still liked my "high energy" theory. BTW - i wasn't the only one that thought of it. :)

but i like the powerful energy theory!

but see, the mic she used in the second act last night was the mic/pack the other person had been using for 1 -2 weeks. and it still cuts out. so yes - it's the puzzling aspect of it all.

it's just an enigma for me. i'm not an expert in sound, by any stretch of the imagination. the unfortunate thing is, other people involved know less than i do... or are deaf! lol (can't make this stuff up people)

i'll try to saran wrap tonight. maybe sweat is invading more that i think it is.

like i said - at least it's a small space (about 120-30 seats) she'll just have to project well, in case it cuts in/out some more.

Hi guys. Let me start this question with 2 things:  #1 - i know this isn't an "SM" specific thing, but I'm SMing and running audio, and you are all so helpful and knowledgeable. #2 - i understand if this thread needs to be moved. Wasn't sure where to put it. :)

here's my situation:

I'm SMing (and running sound) for Nunsense at my local Community Theatre. Background: I have 5 women on stage with each having their own wireless head mic that loops around their ear, hooked on inside of their skirt.

My problem - one of the mics keeps cutting out. I have tried multiple things.
#1 - fresh regular batteries (not rechargable)
#2 - changed just mic with another person's mic that hadn't cut out
#3 - changed connection on sound board
#4 - changed battery packs with same person as above in #2

So, do any of you have any suggestions?? I gave the ladies saran wrap to wrap the packs to not get sweat in. I don't think the problem pack was wrapped.

I have a theory... exp after i changed packs and still had the same problem.
I think that actress just has a lot of electrical energy and "chi" (life force). Afterall, some people can't wear watches because of their personal electrical system! Since the pack has been on the small of her back... I told her to move it to her hip tonight.

Other than that - any ideas?? Fortunately, the space is small, and she projects well, but to have her mic cutting in/out while the others are miced... it's just weird (and frustrating as hell for me)

Thanks for reading!


Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: SM Olympics?
« on: Oct 30, 2007, 12:54 pm »
This is one of the best, and funniest, ideas I've EVER heard!!!  Rock on! I would LOVE to watch something like this! I guess I need to save money to come out and see it.

How about this for a name: SM Warrior.  (like Ninja Warrior, but better)

Great work. Can't wait to hear how it all comes together.

Employment / Re: full time or part time?
« on: Oct 30, 2007, 10:29 am »
Thanks for all the replies. You all have been a great support system!

I'm in Columbus Oh. As far as I'm aware, there is only one professional theatre in Columbus - CATCO. I'm working on meeting people there, just haven't gotten to the meeting part, just yet.

There's lots of community theatre stuff (of which I've worked with 2.5 of them) in the area. A few of us are a bit disappointed with the idea of not having more professional theatres, especially with Columbus being the 15th largest city. There should be at least 2 or 3 more, I would think.

I will look into the SM job boards - lurk around and see what's out there. Do you have suggestions on what boards I should check out, besides this one? I have to admit, after last night's rehearsal and making a list of things I needed to get done, etc , I did think to myself "I really need to get paid for all this!" But, the passion and love is what keeps me in it, not the $0 pay!

Keep feeding me advice!! I'm soaking it up like a sponge!

Employment / Re: full time or part time?
« on: Oct 26, 2007, 01:03 pm »
First - Mod, thanks for moving this. I realized that I started a thread in the wrong place. Thanks for being a great moderator!

Second - thank you for all the great words of encouragement and experience. My concerns of doing this as a FT job probably comes from a lot of places. But, one thing I do know is that (most) people don't go into working in theatre for the money. It's for the passion and love of the industry. But, at the same, i'm not independantly wealthy. (one day I'll win the lottery, that I don't play!  :D)

Something has come over me in the last year, and more so in the last few months. As I receive more compliments, confidence, and even some encouragement from the people I have worked with, I have somehow got it into my thick head that maybe, just maybe, this is something I can do as a real career. The idea of doing something that I enjoy, that I actually went to school for, as the thing I do everyday (and make some money at it) - it's just amazing!

I know I have about 17 more steps to take before I even submit a resume to anyone. I want (and probably need) to SM a few more shows, meet some more people, make more connections, and gain some more confidence.

But you guys in this forum... you're all amazing. Everyday, you are proving to me this is something I can achieve, if I put my mind to it. Kudos to you all for being strong, talented people that really do make a difference. I wanna be like you all... one day.

And fair warning, I'll probably write more posts asking more details about how to make this silly world of SMing and theatre work. But i'm pacing myself... don't want to bombard you with all of my stuff, all at once.!!! 

Employment / full time or part time?
« on: Oct 24, 2007, 08:30 am »
This question is OBVIOUSLY from someone who doesn't get paid for what she does, but...

After reading through a lot of the treads, talking about minimum salary, hours, etc. I got to thinking. When you are a professional SM (or any other Theatre techie), is this your ONLY job, or do a lot of people have part/full-time day jobs (that can be very flexible with work schedules)?

Looking at some of the salaries people are making, I can't imagine people are SM,etc for $200-$500 a week, and it's their only income. Especially if you are in a larger city. Now, I know there's a pay difference with union/non-union, house size, experience, etc.

I'm starting to think about the steps I will need to take, to work in Theatre professionally. Sadly, wages has to be considered.

So, I just wanted to hear what you want/need to do to enjoy the theatre, but still eat and keep a roof over your head!


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