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I am new at Sming and really dont understand what my job is. I was asm 4 2 shows, but my SM sent me backstage bymyself w/o explaining what 2 do. I never knew what she did, hence I dont know what to do. My director expects me to know what to do and make sure everything is done. What is EVERYTHING? Please HELP!

this is my first time stage managing a musical, and i am confused about what my job is. I am co stage managing with another person. I was wondering what the best way to split our job was.
Do I split it by one of us would deal with actors, and the other with backstage and scene changes? If so, how.
Also, we have a huge amount of senior tech for this show. 2 stage managers, 2 assisstant stage managers, a tech director, and an assisstant tech director. Who runs the scene changes - the tech director or one of the stage managers?
Please explain to me the right balance of power and the best way to split the jobs of the co stage managers and tech director.

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