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The Green Room / Re: The Ring Cycle on PBS this week
« on: Sep 17, 2012, 08:33 pm »
Loved Sing faster!  Gives a sometimes unseen view of how a show comes together.

Hello all,
   I am getting ready to work on Twelve Angry Men/Women/Jurors.  I am looking to see if anyone has a word document with this script.  There are two versions (Twelve Angry Men and Twelve Angry Women).  Each has different page numbers!  It is a bit of a nightmare.  Anyway, since the director will be using men and women I wanted to edit my script as I go and if I have an electronic version of one to start with that would help a great deal.  PM me if you have anything that could help.  Thanks!

Employment / Re: how long do you wait for a response?
« on: Mar 22, 2008, 09:45 pm »
Personaly, I never expect to hear back unless I am either being interviewed again or getting an offer.  If I do get a responce back saying "no thanks" thats nice and all, but I try to put myself in their shoes and in their bussy schedule.  They may not have time to reply to every person, and I get that.  However, I also will continue to seek employment until I hear something.  There are often only 1 or 2 people hiring and sometimes hundreds of applicants - sometimes it just doesn't pay to spend the time sending rejections to everyone.  I know it may not seem right or fair or as many have said rude, but it just the nature of our work.  I know how hard it is to have to be always going after the next job, but I find if you just breath and keep moving forward something will come.   Anyway, thats my thought.

The Hardline / Re: Copyright laws
« on: Apr 05, 2007, 11:40 pm »
   MTI is one royalty house.  There are others including R&H which is also pretty big.  Even MTI will allow you to tape certain shows depending on the agreement you work out with them (note that there is extra money involved and not all shows allow for such agreement).  It always comes down to your negotiations for the royalties.  Now you also have to keep in mind when negotiating with the royalty house, they are acting as an agent of the authors/copyright holders.  Ultimately if they do not want it taped, they can say so.  I will say that some of the Disney shows MTI is carrying is allowing for recording contracts (you pay extra) for their youth Jr. versions.  This appeals to all the moms and dads with their kid in a show.   
   My recommendation would be to get permission from the copyright holder before you even worry about the union letting you tape.  The royalty agreement rules everything related to the show.  Sometimes it has control over things you may not even think important.  Always read your agreement carefully.  Many of these things are for the producer, artistic director, or guy that pays the bills to work out. 

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / Re: Viewpointing
« on: Apr 05, 2007, 11:21 pm »
  I was lucky enough to hear Ann Bogart give a lecture when she was in town.  One of her graduates from her directing program tought my directing class as well as movement for the actor classes.  I have to say the work I did with him during the directing class was some of the most exciting of my college coursework.
  Viewpoint work is a powerful tool for actors and directors.  As a stage manager, I am sure that I would have heightened awareness of the physical movement of a piece.  In terms of blocking notes, I would approach it like I would for taking dance notes.  If your piece has actors moving to music, a break down of the counts will help; if not I would simply write out the sequence of movements in the order they happen.  It may help to create group once you have a sequence together that repeted.  This was you dont have to write out each move, but rather write something like: Actor A does Seq. 1 (or) A (or) I. 
  When you start to deal with tempo (both physical and vocal) you can use your stopwatch to time pauses.  In terms of vocal viewpoints of acceleration and deceleration you may want to take a few timing marks.  I mark these in square boxes above the text.   However, you must remember that viewpoint work requires a lot of experimentation and you as the stage manager must embrace that idea and be ready to make adjustments to your timing notes and movement sequences.
   I have never really given a lot of thought to stage management and viewpoint work, but now this has me thinking so maybe I will have more thoughts to come!

Ground plan?  Oh don't worry, we can just let the director guess how much space we have in rehearsals

There is no place for drugs in the theatre.  If there is an accident it opens up the theatre to law suits.   

I would agree that a general liberal arts degree for undergrad is great.  Take some stat/math/acct classes.  Some Lit coursework to get a board knowledge of writing styles.  Of course your major can be theatre, find a place that you can take 1 or 2 acting courses as well as technical course work.  That will help your communication skills.  After getting your BA you can then do some ASM/SM work.  Then if you want to get a specialized grad degree and you still like stage management you can look at some MFA programs which are mostly 3 years.

The Hardline / Re: "You're the One that I want" reality show
« on: Jan 14, 2007, 11:46 pm »
I recall seeing the EPA post late last summer or early fall.  I do think it said that anyone being considered for Sandy or Danny would have to then be part of the contest on TV and they would have to sign paperwork.  I am sure this took a lot of planning between the network, producers, AEA, and SAG.  It is an interesting idea for a show, but it would be nice if the show somehow explained more about what AEA is and what it is like to be a professional performer.  I assume that when cast they will be required to sign an AEA contract.  I wonder if understudies will be cast from the show as well?  In theory if they don't work out a replacement EPA call could be held.  It would be interesting to hear from the other cast members who are already AEA members and got cast in a traditional way.  What do they think?  Anyway very interesting topic.

Each show needs different things.  You have to do what is best for the actors and set of each show.  Once the show goes into preview I pull up the tape and switch to paint.  While in rehearsal I keep a ground plan (in scale) showing the different spikes and their color.  This way when the director or designer says lets put the chair back where it was during rehearsal four days ago I can quickly pull out some measuring tape and recreate the old spikes.

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Re: The Ultimate Decision
« on: Oct 19, 2006, 11:53 pm »
Interesting topic....lets see....I was always in shows in high school.  I then went to college as a Secondary Education: History major.  While in school, I worked at a local dinner theatre backstage to make extra money.  As time went on I moved up the ranks of the theatre until I was working in the buss. office, and ASMing and SMing...I even was a swing at one point.  Well I got BA in History and thought to, maybe I do like this theatre thing and I should get a degree in back to school I went to get a degree in Theatre.  I got my degree in theatre (SMed a show there), and now I have joined EMC and we shall see what my future holds.  I still find some time to perform, but I really do enjoy stage management.  It seems to just be part of who I am!   Its very fun to read all these post.  Great topic!

Uploaded Forms / Re: Line Notes (for going "off book")
« on: Oct 06, 2006, 01:38 am »
  So you can see from the attachment that I use excel.  The sample that I sent is from a show that had very short scenes (often no more than a page or two).  In shows with longer scene there is also group for page numbers. 
  I then turn on the auto filter for row 1.  You can find it in the data toolbar under filter menu.  This creates pull down menus on each of my row 1 headings.  Now I think this only works the best in the new version of office (so if you have an older version I donít know if this file will even open).  What you can then do is click on these pull down menus and you see for example, under actor, all the actors in the show that have notes.  By selecting a name it filters out the other names and you can then print out a sheet for that actor. 
   I donít always enter these notes directly into the computer (sometimes I do).  Most of the time its just posits until I put them into the computer.  I also donít pull the post it out until the line is correct!  This reminds me that ive gave the note before.  I started to rename the worksheets within the workbook by date.  Another thing you could do is have one sheet and a date group. 
   There are so many things you can use this for, and by all means I donít know that this is always the best format or way to go.  In fact I enjoy seeing everyone elseís form and it is always fun to try new forms!  Anyway enjoy.  In case you can't tell, I love microsoft office!

The Hardline / EMC pay as an ASM
« on: Oct 05, 2006, 12:59 am »
So I am working as an ASM right now.  I also just joined EMC at a SPT5 theatre.  I took what they offered, even though it was low, because I wanted to start getting my weeks in EMC and for the experience.  Now I am looking at a job in an SPT8 theatre next year for some more weeks.  I am sure the rates that different companies pay are different all over the world, but I was curious as to what I should expect in general.  Since I am not in the union officially yet, I am sure they wonít match the min rates in the rulebook.  Any thoughts on this would be great, while I get ready to negotiate upcoming deals. 

Tools of the Trade / Re: What is Gaffer Tape?
« on: Oct 05, 2006, 12:45 am »
Perhaps a question to ask is:  What isn't Gaffer Tape?
  I only say that because I am always finding a different way to use it.

With the show I am working on right now, rehearsal reports are being typed on a mac and then emailed out as attachments.  I can get them on my home PC.  They do have the .doc file name.  I think that the macs and pcs are talking to each other better than they like us to think now days especially in the case of microsoft office files.  If you do find that you have a problem with people reading the file then the idea of .pdf is great since anyone can download the reader version for free!

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