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"The Robber Bridegroom"  I have a version from a previous production but it's set up in a really odd way.  Obviously the whoever was on lights wrote it out in the way that worked best for them, but it doesn't have scene breaks, stage directions, anything like that.  It's just the dialogue.

Introductions / This place is amazing!
« on: Feb 15, 2022, 10:04 pm »
I have done a few productions as a stage manager, but usually on a very low level.  My first production as a stage manager they literally had me come in 2 weeks before opening and they just wanted me to call the show, nothing else.  I've been learning a lot since then and I've been taking a free course because I have found that I love this aspect of theatre.  I accidentally stumbled on this website while looking for examples of preproduction forms.  I've been obsessed ever since.  You all are amazing and I'm learning so much! Thank you!

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