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Introductions / been on hiatus since 9/11 - this year I'm back!
« on: Dec 11, 2021, 03:43 pm »
Hello -

New-ish member Pam West here.  My trail to PSM land has been long and circuitous.  Right out of college I did some small SM jobs and then got in as a PA in an equity house for two shows (worked with Mindy Paige Davis Page on Company).  Then I got married, my husband got laid off, and 9/11 happened all in the space of 2 weeks.  For the sake of our little traumatized family I took a permenent job as a medical secretary and did that for a decade, during which we had two kids.  Took some time off to be a full-time parent, worked as a traveling family photographer for a few years, returned to medical secretary land.  Then COVID hit and I lost my job due to [vaguely gestures at everything] stuff.  This past summer, I started working with our local community theatre and realized how much I missed theatre.  So now I'm back at it and trying to rebuild my path to a professional SM career after a 20-year break.

Funny story - husband and I produced a musical variety show for our church's youth group.  It ended up being a riff on The Voice called The Choice with the four judges being the 3 members of the Christian trinity plus 1 representative from down below.  The theology was a little crooked but the show was a hoot!  The kids created fake ad breaks for things like Real Housewives of Jerusalem.  Ten years later my husband still plays in the band that was formed for this one off show. 

Thanks for having me.  I welcome any advice for someone both new and old-hat in this game.

All the best and stay safe!

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