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Weíre two days out from opening night and our lead has had a heart attack today - Iím told the doctors think he will be ok but definitely canít do the show.

We donít have an understudy and are looking for someone willing to pick up a major role where they need to memorise 20 pages of dialog where theyíre doing almost all the talking.

Does anyone have advice to help someone learn the show as quickly as possible?

Iím thinking of wiring up an ear piece so someone can prompt if necessary in the first few shows. Has anyone tried that? I wonder if it would be distracting.

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Introductions / Hello there
« on: Nov 07, 2018, 06:21 pm »
Hi, I'm a relatively new but very passionate stage manager who has managed a few shows at The Rondo Theatre in Cairns, Australia and before that done ASM/Crew at a few small theatres around the area.

My current show is Santa the Adventure Begins! ó a Pantomime written by the director, Noelene Reese, which opens at the end of this month. It's a show full of dancing and music mixed with endless annoying dad jokes, performed by a cast of 25, mostly children who also do competitive cheerleading, and a few very strong singers.

For now all my work is volunteer stuff, though I might like to make a profession out of it some day.

At my day job I work as a computer programmer at a small local startup.

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