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I've been looking for images on the web but have come up empty, I'm writing a story set in an old opera house and would love to see some pix of backstage of the great opera houses of the world. 

any assistance would be hugely appreciated!!

cheers john

ps  I've tried to post this in "homework" but there's no button for "New Post" there? 


i'm writing a short story in an opera around the turn of the century.  my "mc guffin" is revolves around a particular rigging.  I'm tapping in the dark as i'm not expert but I def wanna get it right.  I'd rather chat for a few minutes on the phone as I don't want my plot reveal on the boards.  although my story takes place in the past, I have a feeling an expert rigger today would have a good idea how to solve it. 

please email me if u have a few quick minutes to chat!  thanks  john

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