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I'm stage managing a play where the director is interested in heavily using movement sequences both within scenes and within transitions. These aren't dance sequences, because there is no music. But everything is heavily choreographed using Laban and Viewpoints, and everything is incredible precise and must be perfectly integrated with media, lighting, and sound.

I have  no idea how to effectively notate movement sequences like this, since we don't have a choreographer who would do the notation (the directors a movement person).

Has anyone come across a similar situation, and does anyone have advice on how to best serve the piece?

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Employment / Post-Grad Options/Jobs- help
« on: Jul 09, 2018, 11:58 pm »
Hello Friends,

I am going to be graduating in May of 2019 and am starting to look at that post-grad life in earnest. I was wondering of anyone can give me any tips on finding jobs or fellowships, and what they think is an acceptable amount of money to be making straight out of school.

I'll be graduating with a B.A in both Theatre and English. By the time I graduate I'll have 5 SM credits and 1 ASM credit, what I've discovered through interning is that the work I'm doing at school is almost identical (in terms of work type and amount) to the work being done by AEA SM's at LORT theatres, so I know my experience is good and I'm prepared to work professionally, I just don't know how to actually get hired. oh! I also have 8 equity weeks due to an internship, so should I just keep pursing becoming an AEA member?

Please share with me any thoughts or opinions you have.

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