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Tools of the Trade / Need help updating our intercom system
« on: Mar 04, 2018, 06:22 pm »
Hello everyone! My supervisor put me in charge of updating the intercom system in our theater. Our current setup works fine, except the way that shows end up going, it makes no sense for the ASMs to be tethered to a wall backstage, so I'm trying to go wireless. My pitch is that it will eliminate trip hazards and keep the ASMs from going off headset so much.

We donít have unlimited money (who does?) and Iím trying to keep costs as low as possible. Our current setup is 2 Clear-Com RS-603R beltpacks (with reasonably long cables - just not long enough), 3 CC-95 headsets, a random Telex headset, and a really terrible one that no one likes or uses. The Clear-Com equipment is fantastic, but it's at least 10 years old. I figure I need to either add another headset/beltpack, or find an entirely wireless system. I consider it a safety hazard for there to be no one in the booth on headset because "the cord is too short!"

I have 3 questions about this about this I hope someone has some insight on! I know very little about sound tech/intercoms and need all the advice I can get.

Can I daisy chain a beltpack to one of the terminals in the booth? As in, run a cable from one of the terminals to a beltpack, then use a splitter so that more than one person can be on headset connected to the same beltpack? If it does work, does that diminish the sound quality?

Does anyone have experience with the HME DX100 or similar wireless system from Clear-Com? We want to stick with the same company, since I want to keep the headsets we do have, and since weíve used their equipment for at least 10 years now. We really only need the most standard capabilities, and will not have more than 5 people on headset at once.

Is it at all possible to integrate our current setup with a wireless one? Thinking about it, I find it far-fetched that something like that could work, but Iím wondering if itís possible to like, hook up a receiver to one of the backstage terminals so that everyone on deck could be wireless and anyone in the booth could be plugged in.

I've worked in theaters with (well functioning) intercoms maybe twice in the last four years, and would really appreciate any insight, seeing as this is slightly out of my depth.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Introductions / My introductory post -- Hello All!
« on: Apr 02, 2017, 11:11 pm »
One of my professors linked me to this website--I'm very glad he did! I've been looking through and reading advice, and finally decided to sign up. I'm about to graduate and have started looking into "real world" possibilities for stage management, but as of right now I'm working college-level productions. I'm looking forward to using this site!

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