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In your professional experience (because obviously it is different in college and community theatres), have you ever "written up" an actor?  If so, what did you write them up in??  The rehearsal/performance report??  SM weekly report??

I had an incident this week with an actor pushing another actor during a put in rehearsal.  I did not witness the event but several actors told me that she should be written up.  I guess I am just lucky that I have never really had a reason to write up an actor...  I have had outstanding casts over the years.

(PS.  The situation is on its way to being resolved through mediation with no need of writing up, down, across or diagonal :) )

Here is a discussion I have never seen on here.

In your performance reports, do you document when you messed up a cue wrong?

Obviously this is after previews and openings are over with as we are always still learning the call.  But sometimes in the run something happens and the cue is called late or early.

I was always told that you SHOULD put this in your report.  Mostly for integrity but also that way if a producer, designer or someone sees the show that night and the bump at the end of "Make 'em Laugh" is late they know that you knew it was late and that’s not how you always call it.  

I also wonder about being too quick to blame crew and board ops when they are late with the cue after you have called it right.  I really think that unless I am calling a perfect show I have no place to point out the mistakes of others.

Thoughts??  Discuss!

The Hardline / 2007 AEA Council Election
« on: Apr 19, 2007, 11:17 pm »


2007 Council Election

To give your vote extra “punch” you can bullet vote.

What is bullet voting?    To bullet vote, only vote for one candidate in a category where several candidates can be selected.  Those votes will carry much more weight and increase the chance of that person being elected.

Who can I vote for?  You can vote for all of the categories on the ballot.  Members in the Eastern region can vote for candidates in the Central and Western regions and vice versa.


This is your chance to have a say in who represents you in Council.

Ballots must be received in New York by June 1st.

At the DC area SM discussion an actress asked the panel what they would love to tell actors.  I thought that was a great question and have been meaning to bring it here.

I have many but my #1 is

"If you need the line, say line.  If I'm deep in my book I dont know when the pauses are new acting bits or 'Oh shit what's my line' pauses.  And dont just look to the table.  If I am following closely I'm not looking at you and dont see you look at me!  Despite all of this periodically I will feed a line during a pause or catch the actor looking at me... but this is a general Actor to SM friendly request :)  "

What can you guys add??

Employment / One of the things I hate about the biz...
« on: Oct 22, 2005, 04:09 pm »
is writing cover letters!!  I always feel like an idiot when I'm writing them.  I'm a good stage manager and I would hate for my bad cover letters to be keeping me from interviews much less jobs.

Does anyone have any pointers? examples?  helpful websites?

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