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I will be a high school senior next year, and a lot of the colleges that I am looking into allow students "dedicated to the arts" to submit an artistic supplement to their application. This is something I am interested in doing for my work as a stage manager.

I've read some other threads on creating portfolios and resumes, but I'm hoping I can get a more specific response by creating my own thread.

The instructions are to create a portfolio of 5-15 images displaying examples of prompt book, shift plots, prop lists, and other materials. My problem is that, as of right now, I have only stage managed once. I will be managing two more of my school's productions next year, but they won't be completed until after college applications are due. I may have some pieces to include from the fall production, but the show doesn't run until late October and applications are due as early as October 15th.

Considering that I only have one completed prompt book (from Romeo and Juliet, my junior year), what kind of materials should I polish and highlight to create a compelling portfolio?

Here's what I have so far:
    A polished prop list, typed in excel listing the props needed for every scene of the show and where they need to be placed/which actor has them
    A polished attendance list, also typed in excel with every actor and crew member and their role in the production
    I am working on making a typed scene shift plot list
    I also want to type out my contact/info sheet detailing all cast/crew members
From what I have so far, I think a one page excerpt from each will be enough. I don't think a review board wants to see a three page prop list.

As far as blocking goes, how many pages should I include? I was thinking anywhere between 5 and 10, but I don't want my whole portfolio to be blocking. Some pages show blocking and notes for nearly the entire cast, such as the opening street brawl scene and the Capulet ball.

I'm also stuck on what to include in my resume. I have stage manged once (so far) and have been on run crew three times. Would I detail what I did for each show to fill a resume? I also did lots of set construction and prop work for all the shows I have been involved with. What do you think I should include to create a professional and detailed resume (without being too wordy)?

I appreciate any advice/critique you can give me!

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