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Looking for an SM that has done Miracle on 34th St. The Musical (Formerly titled Here's Love ) by Meredith Wilson and would let me pick their brain on the show. It's hard to find any information on it!

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The Hardline / AEA Contracts
« on: Aug 05, 2015, 08:30 pm »
Hello all.
I used the search function and couldn't find what I was looking for but apologize if I overlooked something. I am looking for a list of the different types of Equity contracts.

Thanks in advance,


This summer I will be auditioning for a scholarship at the International Thespian Festival for Stage Management. My question is regarding how to make my prompt books look as professional as possible when I present them. One of my stage manager friends suggested creating a cover page for the front cover of the prompt book binder, has anyone done this and if so, how do I make it look professional? Also, is there anything I can do to my prompt books to make them look more professional?

Thanks for your input,


Introductions / High School SM Looking For Guidance
« on: Mar 18, 2014, 09:40 pm »
Hello everyone,
My name is Grant Rogers,

I am currently a senior in High School in Louisiana.

My love for Theatre started in my freshman year when I went with our drama department. on a trip to New York City, we saw 4 Broadway shows and I was hooked. I started to realize my place in the Theatre just last year when I was ASM on "Spitfire Grill: The Musical" at my school. My friend Allison was the SM and I have always looked up to her in the Drama Dept. She, as well as our director encouraged me to keep pursuing Stage Management. This past summer, I was ASM on a local community theatre production of "Les Miserables", and I recently just Stage Managed my first show, "Bang Bang, You're Dead" which my department did as part of a high school theatre festival. I am currently working on my second show as Stage Manager, "South Pacific" with my high school drama department. I have been lucky enough to have an AEA Stage Manager, as well as a community theatre Stage Manager as mentors as I embark on my Stage Management journey, and I hope that this site can help me continue to grow as a Stage Manager for years to come as I begin college and beyond.

Thanks for having me!
Grant Rogers

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