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Good morning!

So as a novice SM (on my way out of college, done a few gigs outside of school too) I have a question for the community.

When it comes to show time I LOVE to wear dress blacks - button up long sleeves, slacks, etc... not just your average polo.  When I wear button up shirts I do enjoy wearing a tie with them because it looks... nicer.  I have black long ties and black bow ties, but I also have dark colored ties as well (I.E. maroon/black, dark blue or green with black patterns, etc...).  I was curious what the general thoughts are on colored ties versus black ties.  Obviously I'm not going to go into a show wearing a bright yellow or white tie - especially if I am working backstage, but if I am hidden in a booth would you be alright if your PSM or ASM wore a tie that wasn't black?  I've also been in situations where I take the tie off before the show begins as I'm getting comfy in my seat - could this be an ok alternative?



I could use some advice regarding food on stage.  I'm doing Oohrah! (Bekah Brustetter) and we are trying to stay true to the script which calls for one of the characters to drop a bowl of dip onstage.  He will be dropping it upstage so it is out of everyones way, but it is going to stay spilled until the end of the show - which is about 20 minutes under lights.  I need something that won't splatter or splash, stain, or cause the floor to be sticky.  We thought about sour cream but that was the best idea we had.  Does anyone else have ideas of what we could use?  It doesn't need to be edible, but represent a party dip of some sort and hopefully be cheap in price.  Thank you so very much!

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Introductions / Greetings to all!
« on: Oct 26, 2013, 06:40 pm »
Good Evening!

My name is Patrick and I am a student stage manager at Wayne State University (Detroit, MI).  I signed up for SM Network a little over a year ago and have been lurking in the shadows.  I decided to add yet another voice to the masses and so I am stepping out of the darkness!  I am 27, a veteran, and in my Junior year at WSU.  Currently I am working on a show called American Soldiers by Matt Morillo for a small intimate thrust stage theatre (Studio Theatre Downstairs at the Hilberry).  I have been in working behind the curtains of the stage since my years in high school (2000-2004... ugh I feel old).  I have designed sound, run both light and sound boards, built and designed sets, run crew, and for the last two years I have decided Stage Management is where I need to be.  I am open to questions if for some odd reason someone wants to ask :-)
I look forward to future discussions with everyone and I wish a broken leg upon each of you!


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