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Employment / Hiring a rehearsal SM and performance SM
« on: Feb 26, 2014, 01:30 pm »
I had a phone interview for a Gillbert and Sullivan show and although it went well the production manager says the company may want an old SM who did this exact show four years ago, but at press time, they had not yet spoken to said SM.
I've followed up on the situation and the production manager says they are discussing the possibility of a SM for rehearsals and one for performance. This particular show will move to four theatres in the local area. I've never worked for companies where this happens. I can only assume and so can you, but can someone elaborate as to why a company would explore this option? Is it because of the challenges of "touring" a show, long rehearsal periods, scheduling conflicts, or to have a familiar face? 
Anything helps!


'Tis the season for applying to summer programs! I am a young stage manager who studied music in college for undergrad. Obviously, I do not have the same education as someone with a degree in theatre. For the time being, I am putting off graduate school but I am very interested in still acquiring skills to set me up for the future. My goal is to work towards being an opera stage manager, but I am not opposed to dance, circus, or musicals.  I cannot seem to find the old internship page that reviewed each for educational value. What skills are very important to pick up as you are just starting out? Also, if anyone has shout outs for awesome internships in foreign lands I am interested!

It's about time to be thinking of summer internships. 

What should I be looking for in a summer internship?  Smnetwork seems to only have reviewed a few internships and Santa Fe is the only one related to opera.  I know that internships are invaluable to stage managers to learn more about the field and network.  I am excited about moving to a new place and being completely absorbed in a production.  If you have any words of advice about internships, please pass it along. 


Employment / Phone interview for opera company
« on: Nov 28, 2012, 01:31 am »
My stage manager mentor suggested I apply for an ASM position at an opera company out of state.  I graduated from school very recently (spring) and am surprised to see an email asking for a phone interview.  I stage managed four operas at the university and was an ASM for two other productions with local opera companies. 
I am nervous because I still feel very inexperienced even if I am very capable.  I am asking if anyone has any advice for phone interviews, (I have never done one), if it is different because I currently live out of state, and if there are any questions I should not forget to ask.   Very excited, but incredibly nervous.  :) 


I was searching the boards and although I found much information about cover letters, I never found out if any were tailored specifically to gaining experience, rather than applying for a job.   

I just moved to the bay area, I have mostly stage managing experience in college, with a few asm jobs outside of school.  I do want asm work, production assistant work, but I mostly want to be involved in theatre.  I want to network and gain more skills.  Should my cover letter be reflected in this?  I am not sure if I should get into details of what my skills are, or what they have been in the past.  I am ideally looking for work with opera companies.  Any advice?  Also, just to make sure, I send my cover letter and resume to the production manager, correct? 

Thank you, I just want to make a strong first impression. 

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