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I want to go to college to study the stage management craft and get either a BFA or BA. My main top choices are Emerson, Purchase, or NYU: Tisch.

I think Tisch has the best name recognition and I love that NYC is "the campus," but I am worried that it won't be able to offer me a good education for stage management.

The website only mentions on stage management class and that is for film, not performing arts.

Has anyone gone to/or know how the stage management program works at NYU?

Thank you

Hey guys, I am in process of creating my portfolio and resume for college and for employment at community theaters around my area and one question I have is regarding my title.

Some stage management resumes have people listed as PSMs and SMs for different shows. Now for my school and for the community theater where I am currently employed, I am stage manager and I start from the beginning of the process (pre-auditions) to calling the show and post-production "clean up."

I know that some productions, mostly touring, have an SM through the rehearsal process, and then a PSM comes in to call the show. I also know that some other productions, have the PSM on the top of the metaphorical pyramid, then SMs, then ASMS.

Therefore on my resume, if I put SM, could that be looked upon that I was a lower position than I actually am (i.e. Another student was a PSM above me).

Collectively, on my resume should I put PSM or SM for all of the shows I stage managed (not assistant stage managed)?

Thank you

P.S. If anyone is currently a student at, or an alumni of, SUNY Purchase's stage management program, I would love to talk to you about the experience. That is, at this point, one of my top choices to get a BFA, the others being NYU Tisch and Emerson. Please PM me. Thanks!

Tools of the Trade / PROP: Ten Little Indian Dolls
« on: Aug 28, 2012, 04:12 pm »

The next show I am SMing at my school is 'And Then There Were None'

The show is extremely prop heavy, but by far the most difficult props to find are the ten little indian figurines.

Do any of you know of any website that might rent or sell them? I have checked google, eBay, and craigslist, but came up empty.

Price is not really an issue, we have a large budget.

If you could not by them, has anyone created your own Indian figurines for the show?

Any tips on how to make them would be appreciated!

Thank you

My new director wants me, on the first day of rehearsal, to have a speech explaining to the cast the rules, consequences, issues with tardiness. Basically he wants me to consolidate my power as SM. I have never needed to explain to the casts about my power before. Have any of you ever had to do this? What would you say? Thanks

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Tools of the Trade / Prop: Throwable Real Eggs
« on: May 19, 2012, 11:07 pm »
I am stage managing the play Animal Farm at the moment. In one scene, these chickens start to throw eggs across the stage at Squealer and the dogs.

Obviously, we don't want to have yolk all over the stage, so I am trying to figure out how to do this scene without the mess during the show

I have been thinking that maybe we could poke small holes in each side of the egg and blow the yolk and actual egg out of the shell. The only problem with this is that they would be so hollow and have no weight therefore they would barely fly anywhere.

Basically, We want to use real eggs to throw, but have no mess

Any ideas? Thanks

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