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Hello all,
Looking for tips on preshow for ONCE.  Most of the instruments being played in our production are the actors personal.  Our two person sound team will need to mic them up everyday.
Does anyone have any time lines, call times etc that they found worked for their production.  Not everyone will be leaving their instrument at the theatre every night and I’m trying to figure out what time I need them back by to be ready for preshow, while trying to account for their varied half hour call times for those participating in the on stage ‘preshow jam’ before proper TOS.


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Usually I have a great working relationship with my dance captains, working together to maintain a show. This time I have a DC that refuses to communicate with me, won't check in at the end of the night, only wants to send me one way emails of her needs. Has "things to do" (last night it was go to the bar) that keep her from taking two seconds at the end of the show to have a conversation about lift call or brush up needs. 

I feel like many of the issues we are having would be solved by a two min conversation but she refuses.

Have I just been very lucky in my experiences so far, is this a normal way for a DC to communicate outside of my regional theatre bubble?

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Hello All,
Backstage Water Hospitality.  I was Resident SM at a TYA company for years and our cast sizes were typically 8 - 15.  I provided plastic cups that lived on a table right and left with a britta pitcher on each table.  They could also leave a personal water bottle in the position of the cup if they wanted.  This method worked very well.  Cleaning was easy because the theatre had a dishwasher and we washed the cups with the green room coffee cups.

The theatre I am resident at now uses the 3oz dixie cup/igloo pitcher method and this usually works well.  Our cast sizes run between 10 - 35 typically.  Unfortunately, on this last show, the stores that I had previously been able to buy the 330 packs of cups stopped selling them and we were going thru 1000 cups every 2 weeks with a full musical performance schedule.  The cups are bio degradable but those numbers are making me cringe. 

I was curious how other companies handle backstage water hospitality and what has/hasn't worked for you. I have been researching hanging bags and water bottles to replace the one and done cups.

Thanks for the input!

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Employment / Making the transition to PSM
« on: May 10, 2013, 05:54 pm »
Hi guys,
I am looking for some advise on making the transition from Resident Stage Manger to PSM.  I have been in the resident position for nearly 10 years and the PSM position would be a new position for the company. 

What are some ways other companies have broken down the job description? 

I find myself hesitant to leave the daily rehearsing and running of a show.  Yet I know change can be good.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / TECH: Designer Cue Lists
« on: Oct 05, 2011, 06:36 pm »
Hello All,
Question for the masses.  This season we have had designers submitting "Cues" to the stage manager digitally with in a script and not really wanting to provide in a list format.  Our stage management team has not encountered this before.  Is this a new trend in the design world?  Are we still empowered to request a proper list from the designer?  Specifically referring to sound and video designers, understanding Lighting designers are not putting cues in the script till a designer run.

Both video and sound designers (not same person) have emailed digital copies of the script with their cues inserted.  These are two separate scripts.  When printed only the bubble appears and not the cue information.

Further transparency, no one on our 4 person stage management team has converted to calling off a digital cue script yet, still paper and pen out here in the desert.

I would love to hear your experiences and thoughts on the situation.  Thanks!

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In the last season I have been running into the constant presence of photos and videos being taken during the rehearsal process, some have been part of a web campaign some have been actor motivated.  My co worker and I feel it is a sticky situation to regulate what people post on their private pages but feel we need to have some control over images leaving the comfort of the rehearsal space.  The control of photos being taken on a day when you were not aware you were going to be documented ie: people in ripped pants, no makeup etc.  In this economy and age of social/marketing media it is hard to place regulations on potential audience interest while maintaining comfort and privacy, not even addressing the issue of intellectual property.

I am curious what kind of protocol others have instated about the taking and posting of photos/video.

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