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I can answer any questions you might have directly regarding this post. This position is PT substitute only from October-Feb and will be FT hours Feb-March. Please pass along to any PNW SM/ASM types who might be interested!

Backstage Manager Sub (BSM) – Part Time
Replaces either of the Backstage Managers when they are not at the show.
Assists the Stage Manager in all rehearsals, performances, and administrative tasks as assigned.
Oversees performers backstage.
Communicates show needs and changes between production and restaurant.
Collaborates with Director, SM, Cast, Band and all Production Departments in logistics pertaining to all performance needs.
Sets and maintains rigging, scenery, props, and equipment.
Runs a zip lift winch line as needed.
Manage backstage duties during performances including, but not limited to, prop setting and striking, artist assistance, quick change assistance, running lift, and moving floor lights
Execute emergency repairs to props as needed
Shop for props as needed as well as purchase backstage supplies and equipment
Create, maintain, and distribute daily Restaurant Crew Moves on white erase board
With the full time Backstage Managers, maintains pre-show, running, and post show paperwork
Clean, organize and maintain backstage and prop areas for performance and storage.
Assists performers during training, rehearsals, and shows as required
Attend server meeting to discuss show duties and notes
With SM, maintain and update Production Notes, following up with departments in order to facilitate completion of Production Notes
Collaborates with other Backstage Manager(s) to organize all hand props and scenery pertaining to all CORE shows, Matinees, and events.
Maintain safety conditions and helps run emergency procedures in the tent during performances.
Interact professionally with guests concerning show needs
Responsible for operating the winch as needed for acts and scene changes
Other tasks as needed by the Backstage Managers, Stage Manager, or Production Stage Manager
2 years professional stage crew experience
Excellent organizational skills
Calm presence
Works well collaborating with people
Ability to lead others
Excellent eye for detail
Knowledge of technical production
Ability to articulate and communicate problems
Basic computer knowledge in Word and Excel
Able and willing to work additional hours
Able to lift 50 lbs.
Able to work in confined spaces
Comfortable working on a ladder or in a lift
Primary schedule is Wednesday through Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are generally days off. Work shifts are: Wednesday-Saturday: 4pm -11pm. Sunday: 3pm-10pm. Matinee Performances: 10am-3:00p The schedule may change due to show calendar revisions.
Production Stage Manager

Teatro ZinZanni - Woodinville

October, 2018

Part Time

Teatro ZinZanni Woodinville presents a full evening of entertainment, combining cirque artists, European cabaret, contortionists, jugglers and illusionists with live music and a gourmet multi-course meal. Set in an antique jewel box tent imported from Belgium, our newest show “Hollywood and Vine” will be performed at our new location in Woodinville Wa.
Please send your resumé and cover letter in PDF format to

Self-Promotion / A Behanding in Spokane - Chicago
« on: Aug 01, 2011, 04:18 pm »
I'm super excited to be working on my 2nd show with Profiles Theatre, A Behanding in Spokane. Rehearsals start real soon, opening the first week of September!

Self-Promotion / Midwest premiere of Fifty Words - Chicago, IL
« on: May 22, 2011, 11:46 am »
I'm stage managing with Profiles theatre for Fifty Words. Tonight marks the last show of the first week, and we run through June 26. It's my first show out of college, and I'm having an absolutely great time. The show is just a fun/scary process for an SM! I love it!


I am currently stage managing Fifty Words by Michael Weller and there is an intense part in the show where the female character hurls objects from the refrigerator at the male actor. One of these objects is a glass jar that is supposed to break. To top it all off, she has to "step" on the glass and cut her foot.

Let me establish a few things:

Firstly, it is a store front theater, so it is very small and intimate. The 50-seat audience is on both sides of the stage (the first row is actually on stage), and the stage is small....

Secondly, we have like 15 performances, so we would like to avoid using the expensive sugar glass.

Finally, we want this to be safe (lol) for the actors on stage because it is not swept up for about 10 minutes.

I have searched the forums for old topics, and none of the information I read fully helps out my situation. We will buy sugar glass jars if we can't think of anything else, but we don't want to have to spend all that money! I did read that if you use glue on both sides of the glass it can help prevent shattering? Does anyone know how well this works? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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