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Students and Novice Stage Managers / Saving Old Scripts
« on: Jun 13, 2010, 02:04 am »
I've been SMing for several years now and had gotten into the habit of saving prompt scripts after the show closed. I guess I figured in case I get called to work the show again which has yet to have happened. So I'm wondering if anyone else saves scripts and if you do, do you get rid of them at a certain point?

The Hardline / Showcase: Filming rehearsals
« on: May 18, 2010, 11:20 am »
Is it true that if the actors sign a waver rehearsals can be filmed for the actors / director to watch later and not to for others to view?

The Hardline / equity tier II seasonal showcase
« on: Apr 14, 2010, 03:49 pm »
Hey does anyone know what the minimum pay is for equity tier II seasonal showcase for an SM?

ok so this is the thing... I just finished running tech on a new show. The Playwright directed and was in the show. I showed up at the tech rehearsal, we ran the tech (easy). The next night was dress and after the rehearsal the playwright/director asked what I thought of the show. I lied and said oh its great, when I really had a whole mental list of things that I would have changed if I was directing.

So my question is when your asked what you think do you tell the truth even if it means hurting their feeling the night before opening or just say "oh its great" or something in between?

Employment / Resume Chat thanks
« on: Jul 30, 2009, 01:50 pm »
I wasn't sure where to post this but I wanted to say things to those who did the resume chat and gave some input on my resume. I was stuck late at work and couldn't get to a computer. I took the comments into consideration and made some changes to my resume.
Thanks so much!

Employment / where do you find work?
« on: Jun 21, 2009, 03:34 am »
I know that most work for us comes for word of mouth and from working with people over again but I'm wondering where else to look when there is time between those gigs?
I check Craig's List, and daily. I have found that the gigs on CL don't pay most of the time and the few that do pay are also listed on backstagejobs and playbill.
Doesn't anyone else have additional places especially for the NYC area?

Recently I had sent my resume for a light/sound board operator gig I found on CL. It was one of the few that offer to pay. The first email I received back said he would call me the next afternoon then he emailed again the next evening and said to give him a call because he wanted to see if I would work for him. Since we hadn't talked on the phone or even met yet he only had my resume and my website I saw a red flag so when I called him I asked all the usually questions I would have asked in an interview plus more. I didn't want to jump into it only because it was paying. eventually we agreed on the price and we ended the conversation by him saying "ok are we confirmed" and I said yes. 24 hours later. I received an email from him stating "hi bethany, i got a friend to do the lights for free but thank you anyway i just wanted to let you know as soon as possible,break a leg" I had had to rearrange so things in my schedule to accommodate the schedule of the show (nothing big just personal engagements)
I didn't reply to his email because I couldn't think of anything nice to say and didn't want what I said to be in writing for him to pass around or use against me.
I guess because of the way he was so quick to hire me with out meeting me I should have seen it coming.

so my questions are:
has anyone else experience something like this?
what should I do to avoid it happening again?
should I ask for a contract or a down payment before confirming?

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