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College and Graduate Studies / KCACTF
« on: Oct 23, 2022, 07:47 pm »
Hey folx!

I'm posting a call for feedback from anyone who has experiences with KCACTF (the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival).

The festival for 2023 is well into the planning stages (in person, yay!!!) and I'm hoping to hear about what you thought of the festival...
Did you go?
Any great workshops?
What did you think of the feedback, if you competed?
Was there a barrier to you going?
Did you decide not to attend for some reason?

And for any professionals out there:
Have you ever served as an SM Respondent?
What do you prioritize when you've given feedback for students?

Thanks everyone!

Not sure if anyone has dealt with this before, but here goes:

We need to hang an actor for a botched suicide gag....It's for 'Harold & Maude,' and the show opens with an actor hanging himself and his mother walking in on it, at which point he cuts the rope and descends.
Has anyone either worked on this show before or attempted anything of this nature? I'd appreciate any advice or assistance, as none of us want to be the subject of a news story where an actor accidentally dies from a botched hanging scene.
Thanks all!

fyi: Venue is non-union and configured for in-the-round seating.

Edited to add topic tag- Maribeth

The Green Room / AUDIENCES: E-Cigarettes
« on: May 19, 2014, 09:50 pm »
Wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this recently, given the new prevalence of them....

We're in the middle of act 1 and I see a young gentlemen (21ish) putting something to his mouth, as if he's chewing on it. I then notice that there's a dull blue light in the palm of his hand and, to my amazement, he slowly and in a subtle fashion lets out a puff of smoke.  As soon as I was able, which happened to be the start of intermission, I pulled him aside and warned him that he was either to put it away or he would be asked to leave.  I brought this up to the rest of our staff so that we now have an e-cig policy to add to our reg-cig policy.

I have to admit I was a little dumbfounded.  Not only that someone would try it, but also what the new standards on smoking e-cigarettes in a public establishment like a theatre are.  I consulted my lawyer (wife), who hadn't heard any cases recently, but did tell me they're not allowed on airplanes.  One of my co-worker friends who has restaurant-managing experience mentioned he had seen e-cigs smoked in an establishment he worked at and the policy of the owner was they weren't to be bothered unless another patron complained (full disclosure: this was not the correct policy in my friend's opinion, but rather the owner was of so-so competence).

Anyone else have an experience like this?  Anyone have policies put in place for something like this?

Tools of the Trade / Eco-Clip: Make Your Own Notebook
« on: Mar 03, 2014, 02:02 pm »
Found these today:
Seem pretty handy.  Anyone heard of or tried these before?

The Green Room / Non-Profit Tumblr
« on: Jul 31, 2013, 01:47 pm »
Along the lines of the SM tumblr from a little while back....

The Green Room / Teddy Bears for Newtown
« on: Dec 18, 2012, 04:04 am »
Hello SMNetwork!
There's a great event going on up here in Massachusetts that I wanted to spread the word about.

After the events of last Friday in Connecticut, a local teacher and her sister started collecting teddy bears for the children of Newtown.  They have locations all over the greater Boston area where they're taking teddy bear deliveries.  They'll be driving them down and distributing them with the local newspaper on Saturday.

I was particularly shaken by the events of last Friday and was looking for some meaningful way to help.  I think what these two women are doing is incredibly sweet and hopefully will put a smile on some faces deserving of one this weekend.

So if you're in the area and have a bear to spare, please give.

The Green Room / What would you do, with a grant for SMing...
« on: May 29, 2011, 01:33 pm »
As a segue off a recent thread about grants and their recipients...

Hypothetical: You've been awarded a grant for, say, $5,000. Hooray and good for you!

The grant is not detail specific in what it must be spent on like some grants, but it does require that the money must be applied to a Stage Management endeavor(s) (and not your salary...). You could spend it on your personal tools as an independent SM contractor or at your current theatre if you hold a management position.

How would you utilize this grant?

Tools of the Trade / Fake Braces
« on: Aug 21, 2010, 01:33 am »
An upcoming production requires a cast member to be wearing braces.  I am wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience with fake braces.  I am aware of options online, but I'd like some opinion first.  Were they easy to use? Price? Did you use something pre-constructed or made of a paper clip? Any safety issues? Any sanitation issues?

The Green Room / Vacation Suggestions
« on: Jun 08, 2010, 03:54 pm »
Hello all,
So I am looking to take my first vacation in...6 years or so...this winter.  I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions - they don't necessarily have to be theatre-oriented vacations, but I am looking to see what folks like myself enjoy when taking a few weeks to breathe.

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