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Hello all,

Here's a fun question for you: When a performance is canceled, do you skip that performance's number OR do you pick up where you left off for the next performance (assuming you put performance numbers on reports).  For example, performances originally scheduled as #5 and #6 have been canceled due to illness in the cast.  Is the first performance back #5, as it is the 5th performance, or is it #7, as originally announced on the weekly schedule and production calendar?

In this case, production management has advised me to do whichever makes sense to me.  They did suggest if I want to skip the numbers of the canceled shows, I should create reports with those numbers which indicate the performance was canceled.  But, they're also on the side of ignoring the numbers on the production calendar and picking up where we left off,  as we're likely adding shows down the line and it might not be the best to have to have Performance #37.1 or something just to match the calendar (which ProdMgmt created and numbered, not me).

I know this is splitting hairs, but it's something my overly-concrete mind is mulling over.  Which would you do, and why?

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