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Tools of the Trade / New SM Sim!
« on: Aug 08, 2011, 01:49 pm »
Hey everyone: check out the new SM-Sim website, created by David McGraw. It's sure to become a fantastic resource for stage managers at all levels of their careers.

The Hardline / New LORT Media Rules
« on: Nov 12, 2010, 07:07 pm »
Soooo, there are a lot of new media rules in the most recent LORT rulebook (Rule 35, pg. 29), a lot of which are radical departures from past rules. There is an incomplete sentence in one of the clauses, 35(D)(1), both in the hard copy and online. Has anyone from the forum asked or needed to ask AEA about the missing information? Just curious because...

I'm trying to figure out if I can video more than once a week to capture footage for production work.  E(1)(a) states that there is no time limit on the capture of rehearsal or performance, but an earlier rule regarding footage intended for broadcast states you can only film up to four hours and only one day per week. We are not currently in rep so there is only one show in rehearsal.

Thanks, forum!

The Green Room / On The Boards
« on: Jan 25, 2010, 01:30 pm »
This is a really interesting idea. Its potential both for success and for exploitation is sizable and I wonder how big an artistic hall of mirrors it will create.

The Hardline / Photography at Rehearsal
« on: Oct 07, 2009, 05:06 pm »
Is it not necessary to give 24 hours notice to the cast if a still photographer will be at a rehearsal? Referencing rule 50.D.2.a...LORTD.


Photos will be taken during rehearsal, not at a specific photo call.
No posed shots, only candid.
No costumes, make up or hair.

I've always given 24 hours notice of still photography at a rehearsal, but does the rule mandate you give notice at all times or only when there is a specific still photo call scheduled? You could read it either way and before going to the rep, I'm polling the hive-SM mind to see if anyone has had this question before. This thread is similar.

Thanks for any clarifications.

SMNetwork Archives / AEA and Facebook
« on: Apr 02, 2009, 08:45 pm »
We've already had the discussion concering whether or not Facebook is a viable tool for employers searching out information on potential future employees. Tangentally, I've been seeing pictures show up on FB pages of AEA actors in rehearsal, or publicity photos from publicity packets or "behind the scenes" type photos, taken by other members of the cast or company while in rehearsal or during tech. Obviously, there is no specfic rule pertaining to this (yet!!). This kind of posting, I feel, were it to be a infraction, may be governed by rules 64-K-2 and 3:

(2) On web sites of sponsors and/or supporters of the Theatre, provided:

(a) The Actor’s likeness is used solely to acknowledge the sponsorship or support
and is not in any way used directly or indirectly to endorse the sponsor or a
specific product of the sponsor;

(b) The footage is on a separate page from any product promotion or

(c) The Theatre shall receive separate permission from the Actor, specific to the
sponsor/supporter web site, which permission shall not be a condition of
employment. The Actor shall be fully advised as to the names of sponsors and
supporters and the specific web site usage. Permission shall be limited to the
specific sponsors named and footage shall not be given later to a different
sponsor. Permission shall be granted in each case for no more than two years
from the time such permission is granted. The Actor may negotiate a lesser time

(d) The Theatre shall indemnify the Actor against any breach of an Actor
exclusivity clause when such breach is a result of the use not authorized by this
Rule 65(K)(2);

(3) For all web site usage, neither merchandise promotion nor ticket sale information
shall be presented on the same “page” as the Reproduction, but may be presented on
a separate “page.” However, the “page” containing the Reproduction may indicate
how to get to the “page” which does have information about merchandise or tickets. It
is also understood that there may be no promotion of any other product(s) on the
“page” where the Reproduction will be seen without Equity’s prior written consent. If
voice-over or other live actor work performance is required, in addition to the permitted
performance footage, the applicable AFTRA/SAG Agreements shall apply to such
voice-over or other work.

Use of footage for any purpose other than specified above is strictly prohibited. For
any violation under this Rule, the Actor shall be paid no less than two weeks’
contractual salary in addition to any AFTRA or SAG amounts which may be due.[/li][/list]

Here are my questions: Could cast members be classified as "supporters of the theatre"? Is it considered publicity only if the name of the theatre is also on the page? Other products are frequently advertised on FB this also a violation? What about the time period? Has anyone encountered an infraction due to FB postings of cast pictures and if so, how was the issue resolved (aside from the parties removing the pictures from FB pages)? Are there other rules that could be referenced in this instance?

That said, I'm not looking for a crackdown on people trying to scrapbook their careers or remember a fond rehearsal process or have a bit of fun. But, this has the potential to be a very sticky wicket.

Tools of the Trade / Stagecraft Exchange
« on: Mar 12, 2009, 03:01 pm »
A colleague and friend of mine recently launched the Stagecraft Exchange website. He's hoping to make it a sort of "Craigslist for theatre classifieds." It's just debuted so nothing has been posted aside form a test post, but he's asked to share it with folks who may be interested. Please stop by and check it out!

The Hardline / Help with DDR
« on: Feb 14, 2009, 04:05 pm »
Our theatre will be pursing a new rep situation (new for this particular theatre, that is) next season and I was wondering about identifying the DDR in the absence of "mutal agreement." (50-E-8-c)This is a LORT contract.

We'll have one cast performing two shows; the six week mark lands on the Tuesday of final dress for the first show. It seems to me that it is permissible to stagger the DDR scheduling per actor, during the rehearsal process; is this true?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

The Hardline / The Ever Scrutinized Straight Six
« on: Oct 18, 2008, 10:21 pm »
So, I was wondering...Situation: a director knows and insists s/he wants to schedule all straight sixes, all the time.

Question: Can you schedule a straight six for the first rehearsal day before the company has voted to do so?

The Hardline / Who Locks Your Doors?
« on: Jan 25, 2008, 08:24 pm »
This is a thought spawned by the "Cleaning the Greenroom" thread. Is the locking of exterior building or interior theatre doors considered building maintenance?

Who's responsible for keeping your theatre secure?

This poll was created to address a question in this thread.

Edit - Fixed the topic so people know what's going on in here.  Slithy toves optional.  -PSMK

SMNetwork Archives / Tech Haiku
« on: Sep 22, 2007, 09:29 pm »
A 10 out of 12:
"Here is..." Stand By LX80
"...for thy pains." Hold please!

Hey all...I'm not sure whether we should begin a new thread or not, but Meg brought up a great tangent to this topic. Please find below our short conversation.

Via PM, Meg asked:

Is it, in your experience, important for junior members of a SM team to have computer networking capabilities? I've encountered situations, as an ASM and as a PA, where being able to set up the office was hugely important - and in today's tech climate, that boiled down to being literate in Mac and PC, and able to set up a wireless network for general use.

My reply:

That's a great tangent to the discussion; indeed, I do think it's quite a feather in a junior member's cap if they are able to handle a lot of the networking setup when visiting designers and actors come to town. I've actually filled that role over the last two seasons here at my theatre and it really doesn't hurt the ASM's/PA's reputation if the director wants to check his/her e-mail and the ASM/PA is the one to get them on the network ASAP. The SM team is the communication hub, right? You've pointed out a fantastic analogy!

It's fact that technology is changing the way stage managers are able to accomplish success; like some of the respondants to the survey remarked, I think we really need to strive for the balance and master the technologies that are most useful and efficient, whatever they may be.

What do the rest of you think about Meg's question? Have you been the defacto "IT" SM/ASM/PA/intern able to leap firewalls in a single bound? Has it helped, in other ways or avenues, to have this knowledge?

Of all the questions we've raised so far, one thing keeps gnawing at my thoughts: what is the true nature of efficient communications?

Tools of the Trade / SOFTWARE: IM Programs in Rehearsal
« on: Aug 01, 2007, 06:35 pm »
At my theatre, it is an established practice to communicate with, primarily but not limited to, the costume shop and props department via an IM (Instant Messaging) program, during rehearsal hours. In theory, this is to facilitate communications and, if possible, increase efficiency. What does the SMNetwork think?

The Hardline / Tech Week Bumps II
« on: Jun 04, 2007, 04:35 pm »
I work for a theatre that is part of a university, hence, I am on a biweekly pay schedule as per a contractual rider. Most university payroll systems are notoriously difficult to alter, and the biweekly schedule is at least preferable to the faculty monthly paydate. For this past season, I negotiated my tech week bumps into my salary, so it made my weekly pay a bit higher, as opposed to getting one check at the end of the season for that extra cash. I sort of missed having that extra cash; I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were concerning how you prefer to receive your tech week bumps, if you have options, and if your payroll system hinders or helps you to negotiate for future seasons?

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