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Tools of the Trade / "Mylar" tape removal?
« on: Mar 11, 2008, 08:43 pm »
Hey there guys,
  I work for a childrens theatre company that has almost no downtime for cleanup.  For rehearsals for our  previous show, we spiked the rehearsal room and covered the spike tape with mylar (or vinyl) tape so the spikes wouldn't come up with the multitudes of dancing children. Mission accomplished, however after pulling up the mylar tape, a sticky residue was left behind .  The floor is a Wood Laminate that was put in a couple years ago and the residue has not come off with traditional cleaners (409, mop solution, etc).  I saw the previous thread, "keeping spike tape down" (,2094.0.html), but I didn't see anything on mylar tape removal.  Any suggestions?  We have a cleanup day on sat, so any feedback would be much appreciated.

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