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The Green Room / TCG Conference 2013
« on: Jun 10, 2013, 09:08 pm »
Hey, everyone!

I wanted to know if anyone else out there attended the TCG Conference in Dallas, Texas this year.  I had the opportunity to attend for the first time with Crossroads Theatre Company, as Associate Producer (which is my title with that company). I thought it was a wonderful experience, and highly recommend the conference to anyone who has the opportunity to attend. Next year it is in San Diego.  I came back refreshed, renewed, and bursting with inspiration.

If anyone else attended, or you have gone in past years, what did you think?


Students and Novice Stage Managers / Graduating!
« on: Apr 30, 2012, 01:27 am »
Hi, everyone!

So, on May 12, I will be walking across the stage of the State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ! Very excited to receive of my MFA in stage management.

Any fun, helpful life lessons and advice as I embark on my new, post grad adventures? I am not looking for stage management advice (this site is chalk full of great advice), but everything else - I take free advice of all kinds! :-)

Students and Novice Stage Managers / DCTC Internship. Thoughts?
« on: Mar 02, 2011, 06:47 pm »
Hi! I don't know if this is being posted in the right forum but I wondered, has anyone worked for Denver Center Theatre Company?  I hear wonderful things from actors who have worked there, but any SMs?  I secured my fall internship with DCTC (as a requirement in Rutgers SM Program our final academic year of study). I will be there from Aug-Jan.  In fact, I am going from working in Michigan from May-July to jumping right into going to Colorado and then back to school in New Jersey in January (which is, in and of itself, a new process for me: Changing locations consecutively!)

I chose to apply at this particular theater (among a select few others) because of the type of work the theater does, the size of the company, the opportunity (though I am experienced as a stage manager) to work in a regional LORT theater with professionals, and because it provided housing (though no stipend, which the places I looked into did not offer either. Playing the Housing vs. Stipend game for a part-season internship proved more challenging that I had thought).

So, any advice for me about the program? About Colorado?  This will be my first credit outside of Michigan and New Jersey, which is exciting for me as well.


The Green Room / Mind Games
« on: Jan 06, 2010, 08:15 pm »
Ha! I thought I would post this and wondered if theater has affected anyone else's perceptions in this way:

I bought a word puzzle book for the plane ride back to school from visiting my family for the holidays.  One of the puzzles was a jumble of letters that had to be de-coded, by following instructions.  The instructions were "remove the first letter from the right" or "swap the third letter on the left and the first vowel on the right."  etc etc.

I was halfway through the puzzle when I realized that I was mixing up the right and left as stage right and stage left, mixing up the directions completely. So anytime I was instructed to modify a letter from the right, I did it on the left (stage left!).

I found great humor in that.... and I never did finish that puzzle.

Has something like this happened to anyone else, where certain things become so second nature but they only really apply to the stage?

Students and Novice Stage Managers / Rutgers - facilities?
« on: Mar 18, 2009, 09:24 am »

I couldn't find a topic that discussed this, so pardon me if this might be repeat information... but I was accepted to Rutgers for this fall. I have yet to OFFICIALLY accept, and have to let them know soon. All in all, very excited!

Surprisingly, I was accepted without being required to visit the campus.  Although what I know of the reputation of the program as well as the success of the students speak highly for the program, can anyone who has attended/taught there provide some insight on the facilities, since I may not be able to visit before I give them my attendance confirmation?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!

Students and Novice Stage Managers / School interviews
« on: Feb 13, 2009, 05:11 pm »
I need advice, guys; assistance from those who have attended school already or been through this process.

I have applied for graduate schools and am now in the process of being invited for interviews and campus visits.  Already, I have gone to 2 campus visits/interviews and will have a 3rd one this Tuesday.  There is one school (Yale School of Drama in Connecticut, actually) I simply cannot afford to visit, based on location and where my finances are right now.  I would rather save my money for the other out of state college visit I am planning (such as Rutgers in New Jersey. I've already interviewed, but haven't had a campus visit).

Here's the deal:  depending on how I plan to get to Yale for the interview (plane, train, drive...I don't know), the cost to stay overnight is at least $130 in a hotel. I simply don't know how I can pay for this and my other college visits (especially since Yale is actually not my number 1 school choice).

Is Yale the type of school that interviews all applicants or just ones they invite?  What would you do in this situation?  I've addressed this in a short term to the representative who has emailed me, but there isn't much they can do.

Just need some input, as no one else I know has been put in such a situation.


College and Graduate Studies / Race question on applications
« on: Jan 16, 2009, 04:17 pm »
Hi, all!

So I am in the process of applying for graduate schools. 
I've come across a bit of a quandary though.

Most of the applications as the Race question.  And only offer a handful of options and the word "Other" is not part of that. I am Arab-American, but there is nothing middle east related about any of the options.

One application simply gives 4 options and they are all so cut and dry:
American Indian/Alaskan Native
Asian or Pacific Islander

That really leaves no wiggle room. I don't want to lie on my applications, but has anyone out there who has applied to grad school come across this?  Does it factor into who they can accept and who they cannot?

Just wondered. Thoughts anyone?

Hi, all -

I am visiting a college class this week as a guest stage manager.  This is at a university I was a (co)keynote speaker for last February for a one night stage management workshop.  This classroom visit is a followup to that workshop. I am compiling a concise "starter book" of very basic stage management info. the workshop last Feb. detailed.

I would like to visit the classroom now with more of a discussion/question and answer sort of thing.

What would be, to you, good topic starters to get the students to ask questions and get them more engaged?


Employment / Resume - special circumstances
« on: Nov 11, 2008, 03:32 pm »
Hi, all.

*Apologies beforehand if I haven't posted this in the correct category*

I have a couple of special circumstances that I don't know how to list on my resume:

1) Being a key-note speaker for a stage management workshop (I believe I've currently listed this under Job Related Experience, or something similiar)

2) Being hired to instruct a novice class on stage management (just providing the very basic tools for a school that doesn't have a SM program, but wanted members of the community to offer the best advice)

3)  Being actually hired as a stage manager (easy to credit and list right there). However, being hired by a university for one show as a stage manager MENTOR.  In this capacity, I am working with a student assistant, who is not only assisting me, but getting hands on training with how I've worked as a stage manager. We work side by side, versus having her just assist.

How would one credit these experiences? They are all stage management related, but I would like to stress that they are unique in that they are either for workshops, classrooms, or mentorships (while still doing my job as SM). 

Any thoughts? 

Hi, all -

I am considering returning to get a masters degree in Stage Management.  I have a bachelors degree, though it is in fine arts, not stage management. I've been stage managing for over 4 years now, though and have a solid portfolio and I think pretty good experience.

I've been considering returning to school, but don't know how soon is too soon to apply...

Thoughts? Is it too soon?  What do grad schools look for?

Thank you,

I don't know what forum this goes under, but I need advice.

I need to know a logical way to split a community theatre show with another stage manager.  It is one that starts in a few weeks, and I have conflicts that have come up (some I know of, and some I know will arise as rehearsal progresses), causing me to need another stage manager but not entirely hand over the whole show.  Because I've already started the show (the communication with the actors and production staff, sending out information, scripts...etc. Basically doing my pre-rehearsal duties for this theatre) and the conflicts do not prevent me from working on the entire show, I still plan to be the stage manager.

I've shared a show before with another stage manager, where I took over rehearsals and we split the performances.  However, for this particular show I am asking about, my dilemma is, how do I share a show that I've already started?  I mean, instead of just having the other stage manager call performances and sit in on rehearsals, I need the cast and crew to develop a trust in her abilities and her authority, if you will. However, the show is not a fifty-fifty split.

My thought was to write out specific descriptions for a primary and secondary stage manager, though I don't know what wording can be used because primary and secondary don't seem quite right.  (We already have an assistant, but she is more or less still in training and using her experiences as ASM to build her education and skills as a SM).  Does this make sense? Has anyone been in a position where they had more than 1 stage manager, but there was still ultimately one stage manager who was the primary one? I struggle to describe this, because I believe that both of our positions are valuable, but know that if I don't set guidelines and duty-descriptions, we may step on each other's toes and not know who takes care of what, etc.

Can someone advise on a good way to share this job?

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