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Tools of the Trade / PROPS: Aerosol Cans
« on: Sep 19, 2010, 08:57 am »
I'm working on a production of THE ODD COUPLE and we're looking for something in aerosol cans that will simulate air deodorizer/lysol without sending clouds of noxious smell/smoke into everyone's faces.  Any suggestions?

I'm curious to know what others think of this situation.  When working on a comedy which had a post show discussion about writing and performing in comedies, the moderator pulled the paragraph from one of the performance reports about audience reaction and read it word for word.  (the audience reaction information being something that the artistic director requests be included in the reports).  I have since discovered that in the past members of the staff have made performance reports public to others, saying that they had the "right" to do so.  It has always been my belief that these are internal documents used to relay information to the staff and production team of the show and in the case of say a multiuse facility, those that needed information to fix any problems that have arisen.  How do others feel about this information being made public and how would you address the issues with a staff which believes they have the right to distribute the reports at will?

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