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Let me tell you my situation.....

I had a note in my rehearsal report for props saying we needed a bag for a character that he carries and a purse that another character needs to put coins (props) in.  

I got a response saying that it was the costume designers job to get the purse and bag?

Was he right?  Or are the purse and bag a prop?

Thank you all SO much.  You've been helpful in my journey!!

I am currentley in rehearsals for Sweeney Todd.  It's getting very frustrating for me because actors do not have their lines down.  I want to be the best I can be and to help them.  They are not calling "line" and just have a confused look on there face or throw a look to me and I give them the line.  That's a problem right there.  

How do you give lines for music?  For a score like sweeney if someone goes up on a line the music keeps going....Do I throw them keywords?  

There have been frustrating situations for me.  Let me explain.  A couple days ago an actor was doing the lines and didnt know them at all.  I kept giving lines.  Well, in a line he kind of stumbled and stopped talking so I gave him the line. (he did not call "line" at all, i just kept giving him line when he was fumbling)  Well, he told me he knew the line and to give him a second and then got nasty with me because I "screwed" him up.  "Well, NOW I need the line because YOU screwed me up."  

Today, the same actor.....was waiting for a music cue (which I did not realize) the other actor had a confused look on his face and so I said the line so HE knew what was happening.  Well, the actor (whose line it was) said "I KNOW, I'm waiting for a music cue"

It also very frustrating because the piano in the small rehearsal room is so loud when people are singing they cant hear me give the line.  I have tried speaking up.  

I know I am rambling on and on.  Im just frustrated because I'm feeling like Im doing something wrong.  What can I do to help make this "line" situation better?  

PLEASE help!=)

(I hope I made some sense.  sorry my grammar in this post may not be the best)

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