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Hi guys! I know there's a thread about cover letters for internships, like me. but i'm slightly different, and hope you guys can help me out.

There's a fellowship/internship that i'm interested in applying for. The problem I'm facing is I have HUGE tracks of land (oops - that's Monty Python). I mean huge gaps between experiences.  Explain:

I graduated with my BA in theatre in '98. didn't do ANYTHING until late 2006, with community theatre. I've been doing a lot in the CT world, and about to do a crew job at the Prof theatre that has the fellowship i'm interested in.

-Is there a way to "pad" my resume? I just can't see how. Sadly, all my recent theatre experience isn't all SM. I've done almost all positions.

-Do I put on my resume gigs I have coming up, but is a few months down the road? How does one do that?

-Do I put non-theatre experience on my resume? ("life experience"/"average job stuff, that shows leadership/orginization, etc)

I realize my chances of getting this fellowship is small, but I think I need to at least try. The worst thing they do is send a letter saying "thanks for your interest, but not now babe!"

any insights?

(sorry if this is the wrong thread. wasn't sure where to put it)

Hi everyone! I have a questions about Tax/Gas Mileage Reimbursement. (Those who might do more community theatre work might have knowledge on this)

I was told I could get reimbursed for the miles I've drove this year to work on community theatre shows. How does one go about doing this? Also, do you get reimbursed the mileage both to the theatre AND home, or just to the theatre? If your show traveled, does that count as well? The only thing I know is that for non-profit mileage, it's $.14 back, per site. I just wasn't successful at finding more info about how to file for the mileage, forms, etc.

I realize we might have to go to an accountant to figure this out, but i thought i'd start with you guys.

Hope all is having a nice holiday season!


Hi guys. Let me start this question with 2 things:  #1 - i know this isn't an "SM" specific thing, but I'm SMing and running audio, and you are all so helpful and knowledgeable. #2 - i understand if this thread needs to be moved. Wasn't sure where to put it. :)

here's my situation:

I'm SMing (and running sound) for Nunsense at my local Community Theatre. Background: I have 5 women on stage with each having their own wireless head mic that loops around their ear, hooked on inside of their skirt.

My problem - one of the mics keeps cutting out. I have tried multiple things.
#1 - fresh regular batteries (not rechargable)
#2 - changed just mic with another person's mic that hadn't cut out
#3 - changed connection on sound board
#4 - changed battery packs with same person as above in #2

So, do any of you have any suggestions?? I gave the ladies saran wrap to wrap the packs to not get sweat in. I don't think the problem pack was wrapped.

I have a theory... exp after i changed packs and still had the same problem.
I think that actress just has a lot of electrical energy and "chi" (life force). Afterall, some people can't wear watches because of their personal electrical system! Since the pack has been on the small of her back... I told her to move it to her hip tonight.

Other than that - any ideas?? Fortunately, the space is small, and she projects well, but to have her mic cutting in/out while the others are miced... it's just weird (and frustrating as hell for me)

Thanks for reading!


Employment / full time or part time?
« on: Oct 24, 2007, 08:30 am »
This question is OBVIOUSLY from someone who doesn't get paid for what she does, but...

After reading through a lot of the treads, talking about minimum salary, hours, etc. I got to thinking. When you are a professional SM (or any other Theatre techie), is this your ONLY job, or do a lot of people have part/full-time day jobs (that can be very flexible with work schedules)?

Looking at some of the salaries people are making, I can't imagine people are SM,etc for $200-$500 a week, and it's their only income. Especially if you are in a larger city. Now, I know there's a pay difference with union/non-union, house size, experience, etc.

I'm starting to think about the steps I will need to take, to work in Theatre professionally. Sadly, wages has to be considered.

So, I just wanted to hear what you want/need to do to enjoy the theatre, but still eat and keep a roof over your head!


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