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Employment / "...interviewing locals only..."?!
« on: Sep 08, 2014, 02:53 pm »
Hi All,

I recently applied for a season-long gig with a ballet company on the West Coast and worked really hard on the application. I knew this company would get a lot of applications, as I had applied last year, so I made sure to send my materials on the same day they posted the job.

I just heard back that due to the number of applicants, they are only interviewing locals. :(  What's most upsetting about this to me is that they did not include this little detail in the job posting. I did make sure to include in my cover letter that I'd be willing to relocate to their town ASAP and that I had sufficient resources to do so.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? How did you respond? Unfortunately, I was trying to use this job as an opportunity to gain experience in ballet, so I can't exactly send them an exhaustive list of how well-suited I am to the job due to prior experience.

Would love some advice if anyone has some to spare.

Job Postings / Non-Eq SM for Hudson Theatre Works, NJ
« on: Mar 06, 2014, 10:50 am »
Hudson Theatre Works is looking for non-equity stage manager for production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
Equity Theatre (special appearance contract)

Weehawken, NJ
Rehearsals start April 14
Run dates May 9 thru May 24
Compensation $500
Evening and Weekend rehearsals

Contact - Frank Licato, Artistic Director

Now Extended Due to Critical Acclaim through October 8!

Current SM: Jackie Filer from North Carolina School of the Arts
I'll be SM'ing the extension, hooray! ;)

Itís an excellent evening. First-rate acting and a powerful, complicated script. Itís good to see a play so specifically about something, and done so well. -A.R. Gurney

Aaron Feldman is popular and connected. He is everything his best friend Iskinder Iudoku is not, but when Feldman gets pulled over for a broken taillight, he is introduced to a world where privilege means nothing and Iskinder has the advantage. A play about friendship, class and where loyalty has its limits.

The 2012 production at The Old Globe in San Diego won the Craig Noel Outstanding New Play Award.

Featuring The Bats:
Barron Bass, James Fouhey, Alex J. Gould, Donaldo Prescod, Orlando Rivera, and Austin Trow.
Written by Jonathan Caren
Directed by Kel Haney
Set Design Caite Hevner Kemp
Lighting Design Nick Solyom
Costume Design Sydney Maresca
Sound Design Elisheba Ittoop
Fight Director Mark Olsen

Hope to see you there!
Norah Scheinman

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