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I've been given the task of helping to find sheet music for an upcoming Cabaret that I'm SMing.  Does anybody have any idea where I might find sheet music for the Judy Garland Barbara Streisand Duet 'Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again'?
We don't mind paying for it, but we can't even seem to find the darn thing.
I believe I've liquidated all of the digital sheet music sites I and my directors know, does anybody know of some good sites?


Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / VENUES: Alley Staging
« on: Aug 31, 2008, 01:14 am »
In September, I'll be SMing William Inge's Picnic, and our scenic designer has decided to stage the show in alley (as in, two modules of seating forming a corridor on either side of the playing space).  Has anyone worked with this configuration before?  Difficulties?  Problems?  Ease of recording blocking?

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / SHOWS: Picnic
« on: Apr 25, 2008, 01:37 pm »
So, I just found out that I'm stage managing William Inge's 'Picnic' next fall.  Is anyone familiar with/has anyone worked on the show?  Advice?

So this is my situation (keep in mind this is educational theatre):
So, on my current production, our set consists of a 14 x 14' platform that has steps units on both DS corners, on each side, and on each US corner.  The step units on the side of the stage have been wobbly since they were installed.  It has begun to concern me as we have actors walking and fighting on these stairs, therefore I put it in a rehearsal report, with the intent to talk to the Technical Director the next day.  Before  could get to him, he pulled NOT ME, but my ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (also a student) aside and said that I was being ridiculous and should have taken the initiative to fix the steps myself.  She explained to him that that was not my place and that he would be upset if I had touched "his set", but he still didn't seem to think that this was his responsibility.  
Now, am I wrong, or is the safety of the set, not something the TD should fix?  Since when is it the SM's responsibility to modify the set?  Second of all, isn't it extremely unprofessional to talk to someone about this other than me?  Do you think this is just an educational theater, "I'm a professor, so I'm better than you" situation?  In a professional situation isn't there some kind of equity guideline that would get me into trouble for modifying the set without the consent of the TD?

Any advice you could give me would be great....I'm just trying to figure out if I really was wrong.  Thanks!

Alright, so here's the scenario.  I'm stage managing a production of Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part I.  My ASM is not working out well at all.  It's not that she doesn't listen to me, it's that everything I tell her to do is done WRONG.  
-I asked her to return a broom to the scene shop last week and then lock it when she was done.....she locked my keys in the shop.  
-I asked her to sign in actors and call anyone who was missing (while I ran to the props loft to grab some rehearsal props that the props dept. hadn't pulled yet) .  When I came back down she told me everyone was here.  She was wrong, and actor was missing, and I had to explain why he wasn't called to an impatient director IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE COMPANY.
-She text messages during rehearsal
-She leaves with the cast unless I specifically grab her before she slips out the door.  Usually I'm busy with other things and don't catch her, leaving me to clear the space by myself.
-When we were spiking the set on the floor (before the deck was built), I was taping the 14' square platform.  I laid the corners....all she had to do was connect them with spike tape.  When I returned, I was looking at a 14' x 12' rectangle (HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?????!!!!!!!?!?!?).  I had to redo the platform AND spike these complicated step units in the 5 minutes before myself.  

I have talked to her about these issues, but nothing seems to take.  I have even given her assignments to read from Tom Kelly's and Lawrence Stern's books.  She reads whole chapters from them..I've seen her read them....but, still nothing sinks in.  I mean I understand that some people just aren't cut out for management, but she's not even trying.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  How can I get through to her, or at least keep her from screwing things up.  I mean, I've taken to just doing things myself because everything she screws up reflects badly upon me.  I'm getting concerned because we're only a few weeks from tech, we open on the 17 of April.  Since I'll call from the booth at the back of the house (black box in thrust) she'll be the ONLY management person backstage.  I'm really worried.  PLEASE HELP!

Stage Management: Plays & Musicals / SHOWS: Henry IV, Part I
« on: Nov 26, 2007, 10:10 am »
Anyone SMed Henry IV, I before?  I found out yesterday that I'll be SMing my College's production of this show.  I'm Just looking to troubleshoot and catch any potential disasters or difficulties in production before we start rehearsals.  I'm aware that stage combat is present and will need to be carefully monitored and rehearsed, but anyone who could offer other advice from this or similar productions would be of great help.  I know that there is a thread about Shakespeare somewhere on here, but I'm more interested in specifics.

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