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Introductions / I've been away for a long time
« on: Jun 02, 2022, 02:41 pm »
Looking to come back and see if I can help restart activity on this web site.

The Green Room / Health Realted Issue
« on: Jul 14, 2016, 01:40 pm »
A performer comes to you and tells you a health related issue . . . but asks you not to tell anyone else.

Besides encouraging them to tell others (director, producer, etc) - what else is there to do?

The Green Room / ARTICLE: Life of a swing
« on: Jul 03, 2016, 12:07 pm »
I have to say, that before my current show, the notion of swing was not familiar to me . . .

The Green Room / New Challanges
« on: Jun 26, 2016, 01:32 pm »
So, I have been on the road almost a year with LION KING . . . hard to believe. 

But, there are new projects on the horizon - I am able to take a 9 week LOA, and I am off to Tokyo to be the Associate Director and Associate Production Supervisor for Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  This means, I go for four weeks and direct the musical at the Shiki Theatre in Tokyo  Oddly this means the first musical I will ever "direct" (and it really is to recreate the former staging) is in a foreign language . . .  so, jumping in with two feet.  Honored that Disney is allowing me this wonderful opportunity.  End of the day, you never know where the road will take you . .. 

I will miss the Pridelands for bit, but I will be back in time for the Holidays.

The Green Room / Hiring a Friend
« on: Apr 28, 2016, 02:59 pm »
Me and my boss are discussing this issue . . .

Hiring someone you know personally versus hiring someone you don't know?

My personal philosophy is that I can't hire anyone I am not willing to fire - and sometimes the friends I have are worth more as a friend then a team mate. 

Although I am also arguing that sometimes, I just want someone I know, someone I can trust and someone who's stage management philosophy lines up with mine . . .

Maybe it's worth the risk.

The Green Room / ARTICLE: Why we get frustrated . . .
« on: Apr 24, 2016, 03:05 pm »
Interesting read . . .

Hey, my buddy Matthew Stern is doing another Broadway Stage Management Symposium, June 4 and 5.  The chance to be in the room with Ira Mount, Sherry Cohen, Mahlon Kruse and Jeff Lee is worth quite a bit.

Attached is the flyer.

Employment / The importance of on line presence
« on: Dec 01, 2015, 11:51 pm »
Do a web search for your name plus stage manager . . .

Does a web page with your email come up?  Anyway to contact you?

I was looking for a stage manager's email here at work for a time sensitive gig . . . I knew his name, but nothing else . . . sadly, could not find him at all.

Just saying . . .

Employment / Resume Submissions for National Tour
« on: Nov 04, 2015, 03:25 pm »
I am trying to collect resumes to diversify my candidate pool for subs and future replacements.

Ideal candidates have 5+ years of SM experience, especially in running tracks on deck.  Calling experience on large shows with automation is a plus, but no just for subs.  Be opening to tour, and available to tour.  Good sense of humor, eye for detail, and maturity are very important.

subject line "Subs/Replacements Resume"

Here's our first Member Spotlight SMNetwork Interview . . .

Maribeth Chaprnka!!!!

Please see PDF Attachement

Edit: Faffing with title - PSMK

Self-Promotion / Lion King National Tour
« on: Jun 24, 2015, 05:20 pm »
thrilled to announce I have been offered and accepted the PSM position for The Lion King Gazelle National tour ... In 11 days I head off to Vancover to pick up the tour

The Green Room / Article: Training too many theatre designers
« on: Jun 21, 2015, 02:25 pm »

One could make the argument about stage managers as well - especially as more and more training programs have been established while the market continues to get flooded.

The Green Room / Professional Ethics: Hearing about a job
« on: Jun 14, 2015, 02:47 pm »
So, let's say you are working on a show with another stage manager, and you hear they are applying for a job with a SM you have a connection with.

And you are interested in applying . . .

Would you go ahead and submit your resume?  Would you tell the SM you heard it from?  Would you ask if you could apply?  Would you do it on the sly?


Okay, this is an interesting topic . . .

Let's say, you are freelancing, and you have book a show, Show B let's call it, but it's two months away.

You then interview for Show A, but it runs past the start date of Show B.  And the contract allows you an out that you would be able to give notice legally and depart from Show A to go on to show B.

When do you bring this up?

During the interview?

After an offer is made?

After you sign the contract?

Only when the notice is due?

Had this come up in my life, I am attached to a show, in this case Show B, that keeps changing dates, but currently is holding a place on my calendar . . . went in for an interview with a GM for a show that was clear of those dates, but got asked about my interest in another show, that did conflict.

I have very strong feelings about this but thought I would hold out for a bit . . .

After you sign the contract?

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