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I was once asked by a producer to document, by using the performance reports, the habitual lateness by a crew member so the producer could begin dismissal proceedings with the person's union rep.  It is important to document what happens at the show on any given performance.  Matthew and Scoot are right in what they say.  These reports are often the only written record of that specific performance (other than financial and box office records).  If you write everything down fairly and consistently there will be no complaints or issues if someone has to go back and look something up (no playing favorites in recording lateness or mistakes - and by all means include yourself when you are late or screw up...).  That is not to say that you shouldn't be discreet about what you put into the report (not everyone needs to know the specifics of somebody's non-work related illnesses or specifics of their legal problems except as it relates to the person's ability to do their job).

EDIT - This whole thread was split off from The Hardline, originally in response to whether or not Performance reports were required.  We got a bit off track, but the discussion about the utility of the reports shouldn't be missed just because it's off topic.  --PSMK

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