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I am about to work on a show that has 80+ cast members.

Lets all take a deep breath on that one.
Okay, here we go.

I'm a bit intimidated by getting names right. For example, if I'm taking notes and I can't remember the person's name, how the HELL do I get that note to them?

If anyone's got any experience in this situation, lemme know.

College and Graduate Studies / Stubborn, stubborn Freshmen
« on: Mar 06, 2007, 09:16 pm »
So, I just closed a show at Texas State U., and I had a freshman as one of my leads. I got a LOT of attitude, as I was warned I would by a SM that worked with him last semester.

I would give line and integrity notes through tech rehearsals and the performance, and he would never correct what was given to him.

Kind of personally insulting, especially as he is my roommate, and especially since I sat him down and talked to him about it.

What would you all have done?

Tech week is here, ladies and gentlemen!
I'm currently working on Move Over, Mrs. Markham, a british sex farce. I've got kind of a chatty cast (and director, for that matter), but everything is going pretty smoothly. The director's brother had a heart attack last night, so I may be running the rest of rehearsals (SCARY!), but we just finished blocking the show. Tech starts Friday (ALSO SCARY!).

Quick question, though:
In my last show, I could not get everyone to warm up, and it showed in their performances. I recently decided that I was going to MAKE my actors warm up at 6:40 every night.
Am I technically allowed to do this? Does this sound like a beneficial action?

Your thoughts are appreciated.


I have a problem with getting people to READ the rehearsal reports that I attach in emails. Does anyone know how to EMBED the reports in emails so that it is already in the body of the email? Preferably how to do it in Apple's Mail program.

Edited subject line-Rebbe

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